Math Board Game - Addition - Subtraction - Time

Math Board Game - Addition - Subtraction - Time

In this economy everyone is looking for a good deal. Here is a fun way to practice three math skills within one math game box with easy instructions. Three Primary Math Games in one box reinforces addition, subtraction and telling time. Any Elementary or Special Ed school teacher, home school family, or student would enjoy these games. Games are for two to four players. Ages 4 – 9

1. Sum Buddies (Addition Facts – practice sums to 18)
2. Time Out (Telling Time – practice telling time with hour, half-hour, and quarter- hour)
3. Minus Maze (Subtraction Facts – solve subtraction problems with minuends through 18)

Three separate games found in one box. The two-sided game board reinforces addition and telling time on one side and the other side is for the subtraction game.
Each game has its own deck of cards and simple to follow instruction sheet. In fact, the math game instructions offer variations for different learning levels, one on one, and team play. In addition, the subtraction game explains how to play an Around the World version. In the classroom, The Three Primary Games serves well as a good game for centers. Also, it is a good activity to make available for the first class in the morning while children are arriving to school and waiting for the first bell of the day to ring.

A brief summary of the games:

Sum Buddies Game (Addition Game)
Two sets of cards: Sum cards which show a sum on the front and addition facts that equal that sum on the other side of the card.
The second deck is called the Addition Fact cards which show a single addition fact with sums up to 18.

Objective: to practice addition facts and be the first to match all five sum cards with addition fact cards

Comment: I like the self-checking aspect of this game. If a student believes the fact card 5 +5 equals 12, then he will turn over the Sum Buddy card with “12” on it. He won’t see 5+5, but the card does show all the facts that equal twelve and the player loses his turn.

On the other hand, the player will have to determine on his own what 5+5 equals in case it appears again later. This motivates the student, especially those with a competitive spirit.

Time Out Game (Telling Time)
Time Out uses the same board as the addition game. It has two decks of cards. One set displays a clock face time and the other deck displays a digital time. These cards are self-checking too.

Objective: to allow practice telling time on the hour, half hour, and quarter hour.
The winner is the first to match all five of their clock face cards with a digital face card.

Comment: I agree with the suggestion to play only with the hour cards with the younger players and then add the half-hour and quarter-hour as the players/students advance.

Minus Maze (Subtraction game)
Turn the game board over and let’s find our way through a subtraction maze.

Objective: to be the first player to reach the end of the maze by answering subtraction facts

Comment: Unlike the Time Out and the Sum Buddies game, Minus Maze uses game pieces that advance along a maze with wacky special instructions along the way. In order to advance, the student must correctly answer subtraction fact cards. Otherwise, he stays put. Again, there are several variations of the game suggested such as only using the cards with numbers up to 10 for the younger leaner.

Finally, in order to extend the life of all the game cards and instruction sheets, I suggest laminating them at school or use a portable classroom laminator. Also, you may find it useful and time-saving to include long strips of scratch paper and pencils in the game box.

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