Right Angle Weave Rivoli Bezel

Right Angle Weave Rivoli Bezel

You will need
1 14 mm rivoli
size 11 Delica beads, I used wintergreen, cobalt, and steel.
2 needles
strong beading thread, I used Sono.

This can be done in single needle as well as 2 needle. I used 2 needle because it's neater for this sort of thing, but it's also more time consuming for me.
Start with about 4 feet of thread, and put a needle on both ends. Pass the needle on one side through the 4th bead from the needle in the opposite direction of the thread going through it. Add 2 beads on that needle, one bead on the 2nd needle, and pass 2nd needle through the 2nd bead added on the other side in the opposite direction of the thread. That's now the 1st needle. Keep adding beads that way until you have 17 units.Thread paths shown in 2 colors, but it's only one thread. Each color is for one end of the thread.

Now it's time to join it into a ring, be careful not to twist, and string on one bead on one needle (black thread) and go through the end bead of the first unit. String a bead on the other side (up bead in diagram), and pass through the first bead in the opposite direction, go through the bead added on the other side (bottom bead in diagram) and up through the bead on the other side of it, then back again through the bead added. Pass the other side through that up bead in the opposite direction.

Switch to the other thread.
After I had it formed into a ring it was easier to work with on the tip of my index finger on my non-dominant hand. I held the thread I wasn't working taut between my ring finger and pinky. Add 3 beads, and go through the next up bead, switch thread, and pass the 2nd needle up through the last bead added.

Add 2 beads, and go through the next up bead. Continue working this way, switching back and forth until you reach the end. Join the ends the same way you did the first row, except the last up bead of the previous row counts as the down bead on this row.

Repeat row, if you want to add in some color, this is the row to do it in. I used green and blue on mine, and more of the steel for the top beads.

Weave one end of the thread to other side of the ring. On that side, go through all the top beads, and pull tight. Reinforce and make the circle a little neater by going through a second time. Drop the rivoli into the ring.

On the top side, string on one bead, and go through the next 2 top beads, repeat all the way around so you add 9 beads total pulling tight all along.
Reinforce that circle of beads by going through a second time.

Now you've beaded that rivoli. You can bead several to use as components in bracelets, or a pair for earrings. I'm turning this one into a little necklace for my daughter. She picked the colors.
Graphs for the bezel. The first one is the colors I did it in, and the beads marked on the ends are the beads that join the ends into a circle. The second is blank for your use.

Find 14 mm rivolis on Ebay

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