Finding Coffee You Can Love

Finding Coffee You Can Love
Finding love in life is hard and there’s no shortage of advice from well-meaning friends, relatives, and don’t let the experts weigh in. It is no different when looking for a great coffee. In fact, many times we think that coffee is coffee and it really doesn’t matter, but once you taste a coffee you love, you will be ready to commit.

The first thing is to be open and throw out all rules and assumptions. In order to figure out what you want in a coffee--and what you don’t want--try everything. This includes instants. In fact, Starbucks has recently come out with an instant called Starbucks Instant-VIA™ Ready Brew. Another instant that you can also add to your list of possibilities is Café de Olla La Paz Chiapas. If you like them, put them on your list, but this is just the beginning of your quest and a way to open up your mind.

Price is also not a determining factor. If you find that less-than-a-dollar coffee from your local deli is heavenly, or the supermarket brand pre-ground tickles your fancy, then great. No matter whether you are whipping up your coffee at home or you are purchasing a cup from your local coffee shop, if you love it, get some information so you can begin to crack the code on what you enjoy. Here are some questions to ask:

-What type of beans are they--Arabica or Robusta?

-What country are they from?

-Is it a blend or is it from a single origin?

-What type of roast is it?

When purchasing coffee, the packaging will list the roast type. For example; mild, medium or dark (also bold or strong) with many variations like full-city, Viennese, and more but don’t get confused or caught up deciding that you don’t want to try different roasts in different coffee brands. You may find that you actually like one brand’s dark and yet not another.

Once you begin to narrow down what you like, try grinding whole beans. No need to get a fancy grinder to start out. Begin with a very basic blade grinder. This will give you the freshest taste possible, even when you have had the beans for a long period of time.

Finding coffee you love should be a journey, not a destination—a journey that you enjoy. The most important part is that you take the time to savor your coffee. My morning coffee has always been an event for me, one that I truly enjoy and it’s just perfect now that I have found my one true coffee love.

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