Life Foundations

Life Foundations
Just after Jesus finished preaching the famous Sermon on the Mount, He made it clear to His listeners that they had two choices as to what to do with the godly wisdom they had heard. What they did with His words would determine their eternal life or their death. Jesus told a parable, labeled in my bible, “The Wise and Foolish Builders.”

He described the two foundations on which builders might build a house. One was rock – very firm, strong and lasting. The other foundation was sand – shifting, ever changing and easily washed away. Jesus' listeners knew about storms. Their land was known for torrential rains and disastrous floods. So Jesus began, "When the storms came the house built on sand, unstable to begin with, would come down with a crash while the house built on rock would stand."

The rock foundation represented the Lord Himself. The sand represented acts of righteousness prescribed by the Pharisees and other teachers. It was doing what they thought was right in order to gain their place in heaven. Wise were those who built their hopes and dreams on the Rock. Foolish were the ones who built on sand.

Had I read this parable many years ago, before I met Jesus, I wouldn’t have believed it or understood its value. My house – plans, expectations, motivations – was built on my own wisdom. My wisdom in turn was a product of the plans, expectations, and motivations of my friends and some contemporary spiritual teachers. Their ideas and teachings clicked with my own self-centered concerns. So my house was built on sand. It shifted and settled with the winds, but when the storms came, as they inevitably do, it fell with an ungraceful crash. No secret and no amount of positive thinking could change the storm damage. While assessing the ruins, by the mercy of the Savior, I was drawn to the Beautiful Secret that has always been there for all to see – for all whose eyes are open.

Once I met Jesus and began to know Him, I started rebuilding my house on solid rock. And when the storms come, as they inevitably do, my house stands firm and safe. As the storm rages, I sometimes huddle inside and tremble – until I remember to take the hand of the One who has everything in control.

Storms of life will come. A tornado destroys a home. A spouse decides to end a marriage. A doctor diagnoses cancer. A loved one is killed in an automobile accident. Get to know the One who holds life in His hands. He is the firm foundation. Build your house on the Rock.

"The rain came down, the streams rose, and the winds blew and beat against that hous; yet it did not fall, because it had its foundation on the rock." Matthew 7:25 (NIV)

A Cozy Mystery for your relaxing reading.

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