Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bugs

Natural Ways to Get Rid of Bugs
Have you been noticing more bugs this year? For whatever reason, it’s become a problem. Maybe you just hate bugs. Maybe you’re concerned about the diseases they could be carrying with them, but you don’t want to use insecticides. Believe it or not, they aren’t your only option, and you don’t have to rely on these chemicals to get the job done. As a matter of fact, there are several, natural ways you can go about eliminating bugs from your home. Here are five of them.

Get rid of Flies with Basil

Basil is a natural deterrent for flies because they’re repelled by the scent of it. You can test this out for yourself, by leaving pots of basil around your home. You should be sure to target specific areas, such as windows and doorways. You’ll want to set a pot of basil on your kitchen counter, as well. Once you’ve done all of this, you’ll see your fly problem quickly disappear.

Use Vinegar as a Weapon for Ants

An equal mixture of vinegar and water is known to effectively wipe out the scent trails that ants use to find food and attract more of their kind. You can scan your kitchen to find out where the ants are most active. Counters, tables, and floor corners, are all common areas they like to roam. If you spot the ants on any one of these surfaces, you’ll want to start spraying your vinegar and water mixture as soon as possible. Making use of it several times throughout the day will ensure that the ants don’t stand a chance in your home.

Make a Fake Nest to Keep the Wasps Away

Did you know a fake nest that closely resembles a real nest can be used to effectively ward off wasps? The reason for this is that they’re territorial and will keep a distance of twenty yards between nests. If you can successfully pull this off and trick them with your fake nest, they’ll stay far away from it. This is how you can solve your wasp problem for good.

Grow Catnip to Ward off Mosquitos

If there’s anything mosquitos hate in this world, it’s catnip. If you have a mosquito problem in or around your home that simply won’t go away, you should consider growing catnip in your yard sooner rather than later. Before long, you’ll find the mosquitos are nowhere in sight.

Use Salt to Eliminate Fleas

Do you need a solution for fleas that have invaded your home? When done alongside vacuuming, spreading salt over your carpets has the power to kill fleas. Because of their three-day reproductive cycle, you should salt daily for nine days and vacuum every three days.

Clearly, there are a number of ways you can go about eliminating bugs naturally. They’re safer and can be more effective than using chemical sprays. With these natural methods, you can kiss your bug problems goodbye once and for all.

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