Getting Rid of Dark Spots on Ethnic Skin

Getting Rid of Dark Spots on Ethnic Skin
Ethnic skin comes is so many shades and varieties of color. Yet, while you celebrate the beauty of your skin tones, there are still some challenges you must learn to handle.

One of those challenges is dark spots. Dark spots can be the result of acne, illness or eczema. How do you treat a dark spot? This is the biggest question I get as an esthetician. No one likes to see dark spots or discoloration of any kind on their skin, so removing them is top priority in most women's lives.

Here are a few suggestions for removing or at least diminishing dark spots on Ethnic skin, naturally:

Hydroquinone? - Most of you have been taught that hydroquinone is the best way to remove dark spots from your skin. While this is a product that will remove dark spots and even your skin tone, it has also been known to make your skin darker when used excessively and cause internal organ damage. Hydroquinone is actually banned in most countries. The U.S. is not one of those countries.

A more natural approach would be to use products that contain ingredients such as licorice or kojic acid. They will give you the same results of lightening and brightening your dark spots and skin discoloration but without the side effects of hydroquinone.

Cocoa Butter - You've all heard that cocoa butter is great for removing stretch marks. It's also known to lighten dark areas such as knees and elbows as well as dark spots caused by insect bites, cuts and acne scars. But more importantly it's a great moisturizer that protects your skin from drying out during the day.

Careful consideration should be given when choosing a product to exfoliate your skin. Jojoba wax beads in a cream based product are a wonderful natural way to exfoliate your skin. They are gentle yet effective enough to get the job done without bringing trauma to your skin. You should also use a gentle touch when applying any exfoliating product, too much pressure and you've created another problem.

- A lot of you like things done at warp speed. So while you're developing the perfect skin care regimen to gradually reduce your dark spots, a light application of makeup can help as you transition your skin.

This light application can be done using bronzers or mineral makeup. Bye the way, there are liquid mineral makeups popping up on the market, not all of you like the powder form. Either way, less is more.

Enjoy your journey to beautiful skin, free of dark spots and uneven skin tones, naturally!

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