Paws, Claws, Feathers & Fins DVD - Review

 Paws, Claws, Feathers & Fins DVD  - Review
But, Mom, Dad; I want a puppy. “Honey, if you had a puppy, after the first few days we will be taking care of it, and we just don’t have time!”

Sound just a little bit familiar? My parents said it to me. I said it to my kids, and least in one form or another. I ran into a DVD that is an outstanding teaching tool. Every child that wants a pet should have Paws, Claws, Feathers & Fins - A Kid's Guide to Happy, Healthy Pets created by Jane Murphy and Karen Tucker. Any child that has a pet should unquestionably see Paws, Claws, Feathers & Fins.

The children are the stars of Paws, Claws, Feathers & Fins, a fun and imaginative DVD jammed packed full of information that every child or adult should know before getting a pet. Face it, as parents we can talk until we are blue in the face about the responsibilities of purchasing and taking care of a pet.

I personally feel every child should have a pet. A pet not only helps them learn responsibility for someone other than their selves, it also gives them a friend and a confidant. Perhaps, it will be at a time in their life, where they could use a close friend the most.

The video has upbeat music; one of the songs has one of those catchy little tunes that you find yourself humming, singing or whistling the rest of the day. A portion of the song goes something like this; “Run, jump, fly, or swim. They are our friends until the end. That is why we take good care of them.

The DVD has chapters that smoothly blend together.

1.) Introduction
2.) Why have a pet?
3.) What kind of pet should I get?
4.) What’s it going to cost?
5.) Getting your pet
6.) Day by Day with your pet
7.) Death

Every possible objective is discussed and unique solutions found for each child’s and parents situation. The DVD teaches how to determine what the right pet would be, where to get the pet, how to pick out and recognize a healthy animal, and where to get the pet. How much is the pet going to cost, all of the getting started costs, maintenance costs, and potential emergency costs.

In addition, how you should properly take care of the pet and also the eventual death of your pet. I was impressed at how well the video dealt with the subject of death.

I have always said, along with every pet should be a book on taking care of the pet. The children agree, “Along with cage, medicine, and food, there is always at least one book to tell you what to do.”

After finding this video, there is no doubt in my mind, that this video is a must have as well. Quality education mixed with fun, music, and dance. One of the most touching scenes was a darling little boy with a severe handicap and confined to a wheelchair. Seeing the love and tenderness in his eyes watching his golden retriever demonstrates the importance of every child having a pet “Their our best friends and they really love us.”

The age old problem of poo and pets, poopado section discusses poo accented with another fun song, a portion of it, “it’s true, they all go poo – oh yes they do.”

One child has fish, one a dog, another child a cat, and the fourth child a cockatiel. There is a pet for every child and every situation.

Ben has a cockatiel named Earl; he has known Earl since he was an egg. He got Earl from a neighbor and was able to watch Earl hatch. He helped the neighbor care for Earl, when the bird was old enough the neighbor asked Ben if he wanted Earl. Ben asked his parent if he could, his parent knew of the responsibility Ben took on helping care for Earl. He said yes to Ben bringing Earl home. Ben said, “Now Earl is my best friend.” Ben states that before bringing home his pet he had to buy a food and a cage, “It took up all of my savings.”

Matt has fish; he has had the responsibility of funding his fish project out of his allowance. After the hard work and using his own money he takes the responsibility of caring for his fish very seriously. His fish have an illness called Ick. He is taking a water sample to be tested and to get medication to cure his fish. Matt not only loves his fish but also recognizes taking care of a marine habitat as the science project that it is. “You can learn about life underwater, it is like looking into another world.”

Kay has a cat named Toss; she named the cat when she was two. Toss is beginning to gain weight, he is getting older. Kay deals with learning to feed an older animal controlling their diet. She loves her cat, “You can always talk to your cat, they never talk back or yell and you.” Kay also discusses the importance of having your pets fixed. “Too many end up in a shelter where only some of them will be adopted.”

Tiffany wants a puppy and she has been asking her dad a long time to get a puppy. “My dad says they chew everything up.” She understands what her father means and approaches the subject with getting a grown dog from a shelter. A dog that was already trained, and had come from a good family, but the family could no longer keep him.

Tiffany buys the supplies she needs for her dog including the book that tells you about your pet. She reads from the book, “All dogs need to be walked at least three times a day.” She learns about the responsibilities of owning a dog.

A word of wisdom from Kay, “When you are figuring out how much time you have to spend with your pet; be honest with yourself. It isn’t fair to get a pet you don’t have time for.”

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