Angel Message Gratitude and Expectancy

Angel Message Gratitude and Expectancy
The angels are your constant companions and guides from the spiritual realms, and they are here to offer wisdom and insight that support you living the brightest version of your life possible.

Right now the angels ask that you pay particular attention to two things; gratitude and expectancy.

It seems that the world is filled with pain and suffering, and you are likely experiencing intense emotions and seeing strong reactions all around you. To soften and counteract the negative frequencies that tend to come along with the human experience, the angels ask that you spend more time in gratitude and appreciation.

This is because you can only receive what you are receptive to. This is why you will suddenly feel that a string of negative events has been set in motion. What has actually happened is that one negative event threw you into a tailspin, and before you could recover, another negative experience was set in motion.

As you find gratitude for the little things, this makes way for greater things to enter your life, and this helps you deal with the negative influences that will always be present. Gratitude holds an even higher frequency than love, so by embodying gratitude you are opening your life to receive these higher frequencies. Think of it this way; the more you appreciate, the more you draw to yourself things to appreciate.

It’s also important to learn to expect bigger and brighter. Many people have expectations, but this often limits the amount of good that they are capable of receiving, again, because you can only receive what you are receptive to!

If you expect trouble, then likely, that is what will become your experience. If you expect stress and limitation, that will likely be your experience.

Expectancy is something that is supposed to expand your perception, rather than limit it. However, if someone holds the expectation that they will have one particular career, and that’s the only option they are willing to allow, they are actually limiting their greatest good because it’s highly likely there is something bigger and brighter waiting for them if they would allow those possibilities. But because they can’t imagine it, they can’t expect it. Instead, they will end up settling for something that won’t offer as much opportunity for joy and growth.

The angels ask that you set your expectations for your greatest good, and be willing to imagine bigger and brighter. Since you can only receive what you are receptive to, it’s important to step out of your imagination’s comfort zone.

Try this exercise to increase your everyday gratitude:

Write down five things, every day, that you are grateful for. Go into great detail about why you are grateful for each thing. So, don’t just say you are grateful for your car, but say why; I’m so happy and grateful to have this car to drive! It gets me to all the places I want to go, safely and securely. And I can even listen to music that lifts my spirits as I’m driving from place to place.

Then try this exercise to expand what you are capable of imaging for yourself:

Write down five things that you think would be amazing (and you’d love to do), but you don’t actually expect them to happen. For example; wouldn’t it be amazing if I started my own internet radio show, and found out that it was actually way more fun, and a lot easier than I ever imagined?

Try to write five new things every day for a week, for both gratitude, and expectancy, and see what inspirations guide you forward in a surprising and amazing way.

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