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Angels have long intervened in the lives of mankind as teachers and guides. Learn how these Beings of Light can help you on your own path.

Auras, Energy Healing
An exploration of the human energy field, energy practices, and holistic healing.

Conscious Creation
You are a creator, you just may not always be aware that you are. Here are some tools and ideas to help you become a more conscious creator.

Using crystals to promote health and well-being.

Learn about the soulĀ“s journey through the dream time.

Learn how to connect with the keepers of the natural world.

Holidays & Seasons
Learn more about your favorites holidays, and seasonal celebrations.

Holistic Therapies
Complementary therapies to keep mind, body and spirit in balance.

Magical Places
From Atlantis and Lemuria, to the magical lands of the Faerie, these magical places inspire us, and whether they were real or not, influence our way of seeing the world.

Articles and reviews on numerology.

Sometimes our spiritual journey requires us to face the unknown.

Reviews of books, movies, oracles cards, and more, here on the New Age site.

The shaman walks between the worlds, receiving guidance and aid from the spirit world.

Spiritual Growth
Learn different techniques to support your journey of spiritual development.

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