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Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough:
A General Item Listing

There are thousands of items in the game, but here is a general list to get you started.

Food and Water
In general, you eat food to regain your health, and you just get thirsty in general. If you get too thirsty you can't eat and therefore can't heal. SO always keep water around, but don't worry about drinking it until you try to eat something and are told you can't because you're too thirsty.

This key piece of equipment lets you take pictures of items to then create inventions, and also takes "scoops" which are fun pictures of specific actions. You get clues about scoops as you do things in the game. Note that several scoops are ONE TIME ONLY situations so if you miss it that one time, you'll never get it in the entire game. While normally I advocate strongly against reading ahead, because of the miss-and-lose aspect of scoops, I do advise reading the Listing of Scoops (cool unique photos).

Fishing Rod
One of THE coolest side aspects of a game, you can fish to eat the fish, sell them, watch them in your fish tank, race them, even breed them! You don't get the fishing rod until part way through Chapter 2, and there's no way you can miss it. So wait for it! Then read How to Fish!

Monster Guide
One thing I *highly* recommend buying is a Monster Guide. It costs 1000g in the shop but is well worth it. Sell off other spheres if you need to, you can always go get more in the dungeon. This keeps track of EVERY monster you ever face, and tells you its strengths, weaknesses, how many you've fought, and much more. A great, great tool.

Repairing Weapons
It is KEY to keep your weapons repaired. If they break they can lose power. Each weapon you equip will have a very visible orange bar which tells you how much power it has left. You must repair it before it reaches zero. It will start blinking to warn you! There are three types of repair bags - for regular weapons, for guns, and for armbands (i.e. Monica's magic).

There are of course weapons that you find, make, and buy in the shops. Max can use wrenches and guns, while Monica uses swords and armbands (for magic).

Attack Items
There are items that you can use to attack enemies with, such as bombs to throw and poison apples to throw.

Defense Items
Some items are equipped in the 'quick slot' in the top left to help protect you. These are antidote amulets (to protect against poison) and goo amulets (to protect against stickey goo). Note that neither is permanent. There isn't any real 'armor' or 'helmets' or such.

Most everything else you find in the game is a 'raw material'. This includes metal, paint, logs, spheres, etc. You use these items either to upgrade your weapons, to build your villages, or to do other such activitise with.

Dark Cloud 2 Walkthrough

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