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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough
Baaj Temple and Anima

Once you've got the airship after Yunalesca, and can search, search for:

X (6-14) and Y (58-62)

I got mine at X: 14.25 and Y: 60.78. It might differ depending on how you click, but it's in that general area.

First you meet Geosgaeno. He loves using stone, so be as stoneproof as you can to get through the fight.

Then you'll get to a very special Chamber of the Fayth. This one has six statues in it, each one standing for a particular temple. You need to have done the special destruction sphere puzzle at each temple and gotten the special item in order to activate each temple. You don't need to HAVE the item now. You just need to have used the sphere to GET it.

Note that you can definitely go back to every temple but Bevelle at this point, and you must have gotten the treasure from Bevelle to have gotten out of it again, so you're set. YOU DO NOT NEED TO GO TO BEVELLE TO SOLVE THIS PUZZLE.

If the temples won't let you in, be sure you've gone to Highbridge to talk to Mika. That'll let you get into the temples. If you have the International Version of FFX and there are Dark Aeons blocking the temples, get Yojimbo to fight through them.

Top left:
Besaid - Rod of Wisdom purple

Middle left:
Macalania - Lvl 2 Key Sphere white

Bottom left:
Zanarkand - Magistral Rod yellow
Top right:
Bevelle - HP Sphere dk blue

Middle right:
Djose - Magic Sphere lt blue

Bottom right:
Kilika - Red Armlet red

Now Seymour's mother will appear, and you'll get ANIMA. This is a HUGELY powerful aeon that will be great in your battles!

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Final Fantasy X Walkthrough

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