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Warcraft III: Reign of Chaos Walkthrough

Choose which level you'd like assistance with! Try not to read ahead - most of the fun of playing strategy games is figuring out puzzles for yourself!

Prologue - Exodus of the Horde
Introduction - The Prophecy (video)
Cinematic - Thrall's Vision (video)
Chapter One - Chasing Visions
Chapter Two - Departures

Human Campaign - The scourge of Lordaeron
Cinematic - The Warning (video)
Chapter One - The Defense of Strahnbrad
Chapter Two - Blackrock and Roll
Interlude - Jaina's Meeting (video)
Chapter Three - Ravages of the Plague
Chapter Four - The Cult of the Damned
Chapter Five - The March of the Scourge
Interlude - The Prince and the Prophet (video)
Chapter Six - The Culling
Interlude - Divergent Courses (video)
Chapter Seven - The Shores of Northrend
Chapter Eight - Dissension
Chapter Nine - Frostmourne
Cinematic - Arthas' Betrayal (video)

Undead Campaign - Path of the Damned
Chapter One - Trudging through the Ashes
Chapter Two - Digging up the Dead
Interlude - The Dreadlords Convene (video)
Chapter Three - Into the Realm Eternal
Chapter Four - Key of the Three Moons
Chapter Five - The Fall of Silvermoon
Interlude - The Revelation (video)
Chapter Six - Blackrock & Roll, Too!
Chapter Seven - The Siege of Dalaran
Chapter Eight - Under the Burning Sky
Cinematic - The Destruction of Dalaran (video)

Orc Campaign
Chapter One - Landfall
Chapter Two - The Long March
Interlude - The Wreckage of Lordaeron (video)
Chapter Three - Cry of the Warsong
Chapter Four - The Spirits of Ashenvale
Interlude - The Blood of Mannoroth (video)
Chapter Five - The Hunters of Shadows
Chapter Six - Where Wyverns Dare
Chapter Seven - The Oracle

Please swing by my Forum to ask me how to get through if you're stuck somewhere I haven't put up yet. I'll get back to you quickly.

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