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October 6 2008 Breastfeeding Newsletter

Dear BellaOnline Breastfeeding Subscribers,

Sunday, October 5 was my one-year anniversary of public editorship of the BellaOnline Breastfeeding site (that is, posting my first article on the site). It's been an incredible honor this past year writing in service of other breastfeeding mothers, and I look forward to many more. Writing for you, and receiving your kind and supportive messages has made by own breastfeeding relationship even more unique and special by being able to really explore and share my experiences.

In celebration of my one-year anniversary, I took a look back at my past year of articles, and it is amazing to me that I ever worried about how I'd come up with a topic week after week...the subjects I've written on have been varied and sometimes unexpected, and I feel like I've hardly scratched the surface!

I'd love to hear from you what some of your favorite articles have been, as well as what articles you still want to see on the site -- what would be most helpful to you? Please feel free to write to me directly by replying to this message, or post your thoughts or questions in the breastfeeding forum (

To look back... here's a listing of the full set of articles from the past year - if you've subscribed during that time, you may have missed some. Or perhaps you know of someone who could benefit from a topic -- feel free to pass it along. I hope to get to know more of you through the Breastfeeding Forum - I check it nearly everyday, and that is often the best place to post a comment or question so that you can benefit from the wisdom and experience of lots of breastfeeding mamas!

Here away if you wish...

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Nursing in Public Advocacy --
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Celebrate Nursing on Your Child's Birthday --
Airline Travel Tips While Nursing --
Airline Travel – Nursing on an Airplane --
Car Travel for Nursing Moms --
When Breastfed Babies Bite --
Nursing While Sick --
Nursing a Sick Child --
Inexpensive Winter Nursing Clothes --
Medela Sleep Bra Review --
Medela Seamless Softcup Nursing Bra Review --
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Increasing Low Milk Supply --
Signing With Your Breastfed Baby --
Are Breastfeeders Better Mothers? --
The Breastfeeding Diaries – Review --
Jennifer Lopez Not Breastfeeding Sets Bad Example --
Private Dining Nursing Cover Review --
Shelf Bra Camisole – The Perfect Nursing Top --
Hand Expression of Breast Milk --
CoSleeping and Breastfeeding - Safety and Benefits --
Cosleeping and Breastfeeding – A Family Choice --
Arm's Reach Mini CoSleeper Review --
Dehydration and Breastfeeding --
Breastfeeding Help - La Leche League --
Mother's Milk Tea Review --
Lopsided Breasts or Uneven Milk Supply --
Correcting Lopsided Breasts While Breastfeeding --
Breastfeeding with Nipple Shields --
Weaning from Nipple Shields --
Using a Nipple Shield – My Experience --
What Baby Needs -- Book Review --
Vaccines and Breastfeeding --
Sore Nipples During Ovulation --
Medicinal Uses of Breastmilk --
Blocked Tear Ducts and Breastmilk --
Auntie Jill's Breast Plushie Review --
Inverted Nipples and Flat Nipples --
Breastfeeding with Flat or Inverted Nipples --
Mommy Breastfeeds Our Baby -- Book Review --
Stimulating a Letdown --
First Foods for Breastfed Babies --
Mixed Feelings About Extended Breastfeeding --


Nicki Heskin, Breastfeeding Editor

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