Extended Breastfeeding

Tips, tricks and issues when nursing beyond one year, or beyond what others around you expect

Beyond One Year star[offsite link]
Breastfeeding and Parenting Beyond the First Year. There are many wonderful researched and commentary articles at this website.

Breastfeed a Toddler - Why on Earth? star[offsite link]
Jack Newman, MD, FRCPC dispels the myths of nursing past a year.

Breastfeeding and Attachment Parenting star
In May 2012, Time Magazine featured a cover photo of extended breastfeeding to represent a feature on attachment parenting. A discussion of how breastfeeding relates to attachment parenting.

Celebrate Nursing on Your Child's Birthday star
Celebrate a Nurse-A-Versary on your child's birthday by recognizing the incredible gift you've given yourself and your baby.

Choosing Extended Breastfeeding star
While extended breastfeeding may seem to some like an extreme choice, choosing extended breastfeeding is often less of a conscious choice than simply the culmination of mutually continuing the nursing realtionship one day at a time.

Comfort Nursing - Older Babies and Toddlers star
With older babies and toddlers, it can be confusing whether mothers should nurse "for comfort" in addition to nursing for nutrition. Understand why older babies still need to nurse for comfort, but also how mothers can honor their own needs while meeting the needs of their child.

Dettwyler´s Thoughts on Breastfeeding star[offsite link]
Katherine Dettwyler, PhD is an anthropologist & university professor who does research on breastfeeding. Dr. Dettwyler is a strong advocate of child-led weaning, and her website has lots of information on extended breastfeeding.

End Breastfeeding with a Weaning Party star
A Goodbye to Nursing Party is a great way for toddlers or older children and mothers to give closure to the end of a breastfeeding relationship. Here's some thoughts on weaning parties and my own experience saying goodbye to nursing.

Extended Breastfeeding (Beyond One Year) star[offsite link]
Articles from the La Leche League magazine New Beginnings.

Extended Breastfeeding Fact Sheet star[offsite link]
Breastfeeding benefits toddlers and young children, both nutritionally and psychologically. Here´s how.

Extended Nursing: Breastfeeding: Beyond the First Year star[offsite link]
Article by Keri Baker on extended nursing and its benefits, and nursing manners for toddlers.

Mixed Feelings About Extended Breastfeeding star
Extended breastfeeding can be a challenging physical and emotional experience, even for those who believe in it on principle. If you nurse your toddler, or are considering extended breastfeeding, you may relate to my mixed feelings as my daughter approaches the two-year mark as an active nurser.

Mothering Your Nursing Toddler star[offsite link]
Author Norma Jane Bumgarner´s website includes information on her book and thoughts & experiences of nursing mothers that she received as she worked on the recent revision of her book.

Nursies when the Sun Shines – Book Review star
My review of the first ever children's book specifically addressing night weaning by author and mom Katherine Havener.

Nursing a Three-Year Old star
Each year, around the time of my second daughter's birthday, I've written about my thoughts on the extended nursing experience. Here's my musings on nursing a three-year old

Nursing a Two-Year Old star
Thoughts on nursing a toddler into their third year of life.

Nursing Necklaces – Gifts for Breastfeeding Moms star
Nursing necklaces make a lovely and functional gift for breastfeeding moms.

Nursing past a year star[offsite link]
Q&As on extended nursing from lactation consultants Debbie Donovan, IBCLC and Kathy Kuhn, RN, BSN, IBCLC.

Saying Goodbye to Breastfeeding star
After 5 collective years of breastfeeding my daughters, I'll soon be nursing for the last time. Some musings and thoughts on this emotionally difficult step of saying goodbye to breastfeeding.

Signing With Your Breastfed Baby star
Signing with your breastfed baby is a fantastic tool to maintain the close, attached connection begun by breastfeeding as your child moves from babyhood into toddlerhood.

Sore Nipples During Ovulation star
Do you have sore nipples that seem to come and go over time without an obvious reason? It could be related to ovulation or other event in your menstrual cycle.

Teaching Breast Manners to Your Baby star
Whose breasts are they anyway? Breastfeeding can sometimes be a negotiation between mother and nursling, but setting some limits through teaching breast manners can extend breastfeeding through ensure a mutually rewarding experience for mother and baby.

Time Magazine and Extended Breastfeeding Images star
In May 2012, Time Magazine portrayed a highly unrealistic image of extended breastfeeding on the cover of their magazine. My thoughts on this unfortunate choice.

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