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April 9 2008 Quilting Newsletter

Hello again to all my lovely subscribers, Welcome to the Quilters Quarters Newsletter. I do hope this email greets you at a quiet time in your day.

I had a rather nice compliment today. You might remember I went up to Bundaberg in February to give a class and a talk on copyright. During the course of the weekend, I was invited to join a group of quilters in a Postcard Swap that was about to run. I’ve never made anything like that – I’ve always been a postcard wanna be. Five star ambition, two star ability. Anyway, I wanted to be polite to my lovely hosts, so I agreed. You might also remember that on that weekend the temperature was through the roof. Very hot, very uncomfortable.

Well anyway, on my return home I thought about this postcard. I wanted to reflect something from the weekend away. So I got some gold coloured fabric, and going to my stash, pulled out bits of oranges, browns, yellows and reds and Vliesofix a small rectangle to each fabric, and then free-hand cut shapes to depict flames. Lots of long spidery flames. I ironed them to the gold fabric. So far so good. I then threaded my machine with some variegated threads in reds and oranges and yellows and free motion quilted up and down the flames. The job wasn’t fantastic, although I can stipple and machine quilt pretty well, my free motion quilting can leave something to be desired. Anyway, up and down, all over the flames. I was pretty pleased with the result.

I backed it with a piece of thick cardboard sandwiched between the top and backing and top sewed the three layers together. On the back I called it “Flaming Hot” which is a watered down description of the temperature that weekend!!

So the compliment I received yesterday was a very favourable email from the organiser saying that several more women were joining the swap, because they wanted to received my postcard!! (I think she was probably being polite), but I don’t care. My first foray into the world of Art Quilts was hugely successful and I’m ready for the next postcard challenge.

My article posted last Sunday, concerns Quilting for Charity. Quilting for Charity is one of the most productive ways a quilter can contribute to those in need in her/his community. It may seem like a simple quilt to a quilter but to those who need this quilt for warmth and comfort it says "We care". Here's the link to the article.


Please visit Quilting.bellaonline.com for even more great content about Quilting.

There's a forum subject on Quilting For Charity for you to have a peep at. Please add a comment.here is the link -


Thanks for the feedback about the recipe I sent you last week, I hope those of you who made it, enjoyed it. My gift for you this week is a quirky quilt poem I found recently. The original author is unknown, but if you do know who the author is, would you please let me know so I can attribute it correctly.


I have an affliction
Or is it an addiction?
It really is hard to say.

I wake up each morning,
Sleepy and yawning,
Not ready to face the day.

All night I've thought of plans,
New patterns, designs and bands,
Until I have lost my way.

Each quilt I see
Looks good to me.
I'll make it, come what may.

The more I learn,
The more I yearn
To make a quilt that's gay.

With swatches galore
I still want more!
But somebody's got to pay!

Yes, it is an addiction,
Not an affliction,
And I know it is here to stay!

~ Author Unknown ~

Cheerio for now, stay happy and warm and keep those needles busy.

Judie Bellingham, Quilting Editor

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