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February 14 2019 Astronomy Newsletter

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Five Astronomical Non-Events of 2018
Every year has its astronomical events – and its non-events. A non-event may be science that needs more evidence. However it's usually something for which the only “evidence” is in the mind of its creator. Here are five from 2018.

*Birth anniversaries*
(1) January 25, 1736: Joseph Lagrange. A French mathematician and one of the great minds of the 18th century. He identified equilibrium points between the gravity of the Earth and the Sun, and the Lagrangian points are named for him.
(2) January 27, 1829: Isaac Roberts. The Welsh amateur astronomer was a pioneer of astrophotography, and developed a technique which enable him to capture faint objects.
(3) January 27, 1941: Beatrice Hill Tinsley. The work of this New Zealand astrophysicist revolutionized our view of galactic evolution and is still the starting point for studies in this field.
(4) January 28, 1611: Johannes Hevelius. This prominent Polish astronomer was an accomplished observer, notable writer and the compiler of an major star atlas.
(5) February 4, 1906: Clyde Tombaugh. He was the American astronomer who discovered Pluto. He died in 1997, and a portion of his ashes are on the New Horizons spacecraft that flew past Pluto.
(6) February 13, 1852: Johan Dreyer. This Danish-British astronomer is best remembered for his New General Catalogue of Nebulae and Clusters of Stars – the catalog numbers are still in use, prefixed by “NGC”.

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