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Skyful of Animals – Quiz
Ptolemy included 48 constellations in his 2nd century Almagest. In the 20th century, the International Astronomical Union (IAU) listed 47 of Ptolemy's constellations and added 41 newer ones. Many of them depict animals, both real and mythical.

The Sun – Facts for Kids
The Solar System belongs to the Sun. More than 99% of all the matter in the Solar System is in the Sun. Everything else - planets, moons, asteroids, icy bodies, comets - is made from stuff left over from making the Sun. It's the Sun's gravity that holds everything together.

Taurus the Bull
Millennia before the rise of Greece, the bull's red eye glared at Orion. But Orion doesn't feature in the Greek myth where Taurus is Zeus's guise for the seduction of Europa. Today's Taurus is a constellation memorable for two beautiful star clusters and one of the sky's most dramatic objects.

Top Ten Astronomy Stories 2021
It wasn't easy to choose the top stories for 2021. Although it was another hard year for people around the world, the year was also full of interesting astronomy and space events.

Astro Advent 2021 – Days 17-25
Christmas 2021 is past now, but you can still enjoy the daily astro advent images posted in the Bella Online Astronomy Forum. The final days of the countdown included images of a prize-winning aurora, a nebula that looks like a dolphin head and the Moon looking like an eyeball.

Astro Advent 2021 – Days 9-16
Christmas 2021 is past, but you can still enjoy the Astro Advent images posted in the Bella Online Astronomy Forum. The second eight days included a funny face, an Arctic fireball, and some winners from the Astronomy Photographer of the Year 2021 competition at the Royal Greenwich Observatory.

Astro Advent 2021 Days 1-8
Christmas 2021 is past now, but you can still enjoy the daily astro advent images posted in the Bella Online Astronomy Forum. The first eight days of the countdown included the return of Comet 67P, a beautiful aurora in Canada, a strange spiral in the constellation Pegasus, and vivid skyscapes.

What Was the Star of Bethlehem
The Star of Bethlehem is a lovely symbol of Christmas. Was it based on an actual astronomical happening? Or perhaps an inspired idea to emphasize the spiritual importance of the story?

Canis Major - the Greater Dog
In a sky full of gods, heroes and wronged women, there are also four dogs. We have Canis Minor and the two dogs of Canes Venatici, but Canis Major is definitely top dog. It's a prominent constellation that has represented a dog since early Greek times.

Canis Minor - the Lesser Dog
Canis Minor is one of Orion's hunting dogs. It trots along behind its master unperturbed by the unicorn Monoceros). It's a small constellation with not much more to offer than one bright star, but it has a long history.

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