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April 16 2017 Astronomy Newsletter

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Tarantula Nebula – Facts for Kids
Arachnophobes needn't worry about this tarantula. It's not a big spider, it's a big nebula that looks a bit like a spider in some photos. It's also so far away that its light takes 170,000 years to get here. Stars are born there, stars die there, and it's a spectacular object.

*The first man in space*

April 12th marked the 56th anniversary of the first man in space. Yuri Gagarin in Vostok 1 orbited the Earth once, an accomplishment that made the Russians deliriously happy and horrified the Americans. (However the USA got serious about their space program, which eventually led to Apollo.) Since 2001, April 12 has been celebrated around the world as Yuri's Night the World Space Party.

To find out more about Yuri Gagarin – the First Spaceman:

And on the 50th anniversary of Gagarin's flight, over two million people watched Christopher Riley's recreation of the flight. He made use of archive material and footage shot from the International Space Station. You can find out more about this and get a link to the film at:

*Ocean Worlds*
Here is an interesting video (just under six minutes) from Science at Nasa. It's about oceans on other planets:

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