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June 26 2019 Astronomy Newsletter

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Serpens and Ophiuchus – Ancient Tales
What is the link between two ancient constellations and modern medicine? According to one myth, how did Ophiuchus end up in the sky? Why would a healer be associated with a snake?

*June birthdays*
(1) 1930 - June 2nd - Charles "Pete" Conrad Jr. Commander of the Apollo 12 Moon mission.
(2) 1819 - June 5th - British mathematician and astronomer John Couch Adams. Using mathematics, he predicted the existence and position of Neptune.
(3) 1932 - June 6th - Dave Scott, the commander of Apollo 15.
(4) 1625 - June 8th - Italian-French astronomer Giovanni Domenico (Jean-Dominique) Cassini. One of the great astronomers of his time and the first of four Cassinis to be Director of the Paris Observatory. NASA's Saturn mission was named for him.
(5) 1812 - June 9th - German astronomer Johann Gottfried Galle. Found the planet Neptune, using the calculations Urbain Le Verrier had sent him. 
(6) 1710 - June 10th - Scottish telescope maker and astronomer James Short. Produced the first telescopes with nearly distortionless mirrors, and was the principal British collator and computer of the 'Transit of Venus' observations of 6 June 1761.
(7) 1831 - June 13th - Scottish scientist James Clerk Maxwell. Showed that electricity, magnetism, and light are all aspects of the same phenomenon, electromagnetism.
(8) 1714 - June 17th - French astronomer and cartographer César-François Cassini de Thury. Grandson of Jean-Dominique, third Cassini to direct the Paris Observatory.
(9)1799 - June 18th - English merchant and astronomer William Lassell. Improved the reflecting telescope, discoveries include Neptune's moon Triton.
(10) 1915 - June 24th - British mathematician, astronomer and author, Sir Fred Hoyle. Formulated a theory that explained the creation of chemical elements by nuclear fusion reactions in stars.

*Apollo 11*
CNN films has a 5-part podcast ‘APOLLO 11: Beyond the Moon’ companion to its ‘APOLLO 11,’ the documentary feature directed by Todd Douglas Miller.

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