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July 6 2019 Astronomy Newsletter

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Serpens ? a Tour of the Celestial Snake
Snakes were revered in ancient Greece. They represented wisdom, healing and rebirth. The constellation Serpens was included in a star catalog in the 2nd century, but it's much older than that. Seen through telescopes, it's rich in deep sky objects. Here's a tour of some of the highlights.

What Is a Nebula
Nebulae are titanic clouds of gas and dust ? celestial gossamer in the spaces between the stars. They're stellar nurseries, stellar graveyards and dark constellations. Some of their mysteries have been penetrated by infrared telescopes, but the cloaking dust still keeps some secrets.

A previous article dealt with the history and mythology of Serpens and Ophiuchus. This week's article has a look at some of the interesting features of Serpens. A similar visit to Ophiuchus will follow later. There was an old article on nebulae ? but this is a new one, with a fresh look at the topic and some updating.

*Fourth of July*
I know the date is past, but I imagine there are still plenty of picnics and fireworks going on this weekend.

Do you know what links the USA's Independence Day holiday, the Crab Nebula and NASA's Deep Impact spacecraft? And how about what links the American War of Independence with the planet Uranus?

Here's the story: Cosmic 4th of July

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