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September 1 2016 Astronomy Newsletter

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Enceladus Facts for Kids
Enceladus is a small moon of Saturn that seems to be frozen. It's the coldest moon in Saturn's system because its bright surface reflects almost all of the sunlight that hits it. But under the ice is a liquid ocean and scientists wonder if there might be life there.


(1) August 25, 2003: NASA launched the Spitzer Space Telescope. This was the final mission of the Great Observatories Program which had already launched telescopes to observe in visible light, gamma rays, and X-rays.

(2) August 28, 1758: Charles Messier found the Crab Nebula – this prompted him to begin his famous catalogue. He later found out that John Bevis had made a prior discovery and Messier credited him with it.

(3) September 5, 1977: Voyager 1 was launched. Voyager 1 – The First Starship:

*Juno Mission*

The Juno Mission to Jupiter is proceeding as planned. This close-up of Jupiter was taken on August 27 when Juno was 703,000 km (437,000 miles) away: Jupiter's north polar region is coming into view as the Juno spacecraft approaches the giant planet. (Credits: NASA/JPL-Caltech/SwRI/MSSS)

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