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November 2 2012 Body Art Newsletter

Greetings, Body Art Fans!

I don't get tattooed as often as I did when I first started, just a little over 20 years ago, but I am still getting new tattoos. In fact, I just got a new one on my right ankle a little over a week ago. My personal healing process doesn't seem to have changed much: day 7 I just start to itch like crazy! But it did inspire me to make this newsletter all about what is helpful to know for when you are getting or healing a new tattoo.

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Getting Tattooed At A Tattoo Convention
Getting tattooed at a convention can be a way to get a one-of-a-kind piece of skin art. Tips include finding a tattooist and making sure you get an appointment with them.

Getting Someone's Name Tattooed On You
Getting someone's name tattooed is as popular as it seems to be cursed. Read about the ups and downs of getting a name tattoo.

Adverse Reactions to Tattooing
Do people ever have a bad reaction to tattooing? Learn about some infrequent adverse responses that happen to some people who get tattooed.

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  • Tattoos and Your Skin Rights
    Ok, so you’re 18 and you’re finally getting your tattoo. Everyone you know has told you “it’s going to ruin the rest of your life!” Will it? It might or might not, but there are a few places that will dictate special conditions if you are tattooed.
  • Designing Your Own Tattoo
    Designing your own tattoo involves making a series of long-term decisions. You don´t have to draw, but you do have to be willing to take a little bit of time to think before you ink.
  • Tattoo Healing and Aftercare
    Healing your new tattoo is one of the keys to a lifetime of beautiful ink. Just a bit of care in the beginning goes a long way.
  • Body Art Forums
    Got a question? Looking to chat with others about tattoos or piercings? This is the place!

Upload your tattoo pictures to Bellaonline and rate your favorites! It's fun and free, and you can upload or vote here.

I really love your feedback and welcome your questions, so if you have something to tell me or ask, please send an e-mail or drop by the forum! Please pass this message along to family and friends who you know are interested.

Body Art Editor


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