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Japanese Tattooing and Designs star[offsite link]
Photos of Japanese tattooing, links to tattooists in Japan. Awesome videos of traditional hand tattooing being done on this page.

Adinkra Symbols & Meanings star[offsite link]
Traditional West African symbols and their meanings. Excellent resource, with the designs being very suitable for adaptation to tattooing.

American Museum of Natural History “Marks of Identity” star[offsite link]
Though the original exhibit is past, this site contains many good pictures spanning different cultural examples of body art, and an excellent glossary of terms relating to body modification.

Amsterdam Tattoo Museum star[offsite link]
This site offers a virtual tour as well.

Annie Get Your Gun star[offsite link]
Web archive of an art show of eleven San Francisco women tattoo artists.

Baltimore Tattoo Museum star[offsite link]
Located in Baltimore, you can just take the tour, or get some ink as a lifetime souviner.

Body Painting with Makeup, Henna or Liquid Latex star[offsite link]
Great information and pictures about face and body painting. Makeup, henna and liquid latex painting discussed.

Body Piercing and Branding Intensives star[offsite link]
Fakir´s Body Piercing and Branding Intensives are the ONLY COMPREHENSIVE courses of instruction available today for those who would prepare themselves to do skilled, safe, aesthetically pleasing, and sophisticated body piercing and branding.

BoingBoing Goes BodyArt star[offsite link]
A post-modern look at body art from BoingBoing, the directory of wonderful things. star[offsite link]
The Book Mistress sells books related to the art and history of tattooing; specializing in hard-to-find tattoo books. Looking for that rare book? We´d be happy to locate it for you.

British Tattoo History Museum star[offsite link]
The collection began in 1975 when museum founder Lionel Titchener opened his first professional tattoo studio.

Celebrities and their Tattoos star[offsite link]
More photos and links to celebrity tattoos.

Celebrity Tattoos and Tattooed Historical Figures star[offsite link]
The mother of all celebrity tattoo web sites. Massive alphbetical index leads to individual image pages.

Coney Island Circus Sideshow star[offsite link]
SIDESHOWS BY THE SEASHORE is the last place in the USA where you can experience the thrill of a traditional ten-in-one circus sideshow.

Corsetry star[offsite link]
Corsetry refers to the practice of wearing a garment that laces tightly around the body, thus reducing the waist measurement. It can be done occasionally for fashion purposes or pursued full-time as a form of body art.

Dragon Tattoos star[offsite link]
Info on Dragon Tattoos, plus pics of arm tattoos, back tattoos, legs, etc all featuring dragons.

Extreme Piercing - Germany star[offsite link]
From Germany comes this piercing and body art web site with a comprehensive photo gallery. All the text is in German but the pics make it clear what body part is involved.

Facial Tattoos star[offsite link]
SPC Photo Galleries collection of facial tattoos. There are partial and full face tattoos, along with mokos and scalp pieces.

Guidelines for Infection Control in the Studio Environment star[offsite link]
Dragon Moon Tattoo Studio has listed an excellent series of guidelines for tattoo artists. People thinking of getting a tattoo should familiarize themselves with these procedures so they can evaluate tattoo shops and artists.

Gun Control: Women Tattoo Artists Talk About Skin and Ink star[offsite link]
Gun Control: Women Tattoo Artists Talk About Skin and Ink By Silja J.A. Talvi. This is an academic essay about women and tattooing.

Hate On Display star[offsite link]
A Visual Database of Extremist Symbols, Logos and Tattoos, hosted by the Anti-Defamation League

Hawaiian Tattoos star[offsite link]
Hawaiian tattoos were a tribal tradition that is making a comeback on the islands. The geometric and petroglyph-derived designs are popular with locals and tourists alike.

Health Education for the Modification Industry star[offsite link]
Professional health training for body piercers and tattooists.

Hebrew Tattoos star[offsite link] is your #1 resource for Hebrew translations!

Hottest Tattoo Designs! star[offsite link]
Galleries of tattoo pictures including stars, arm tattoos, wing tattoos, lower back designs, and much more!

Human Marvels star[offsite link]
Homepage of The Enigma and Katzen. He´s covered with a full-body puzzle tattoo and she´s covered in tiger striping.

Ideas for Tattoos star[offsite link]
I believe if you think carefully about what you are really commemorating and think about yourself as a person, you can successfully pick a tattoo design that you can live with happily the rest of your life.

Implants star[offsite link]
Learn more about the new body art technique of having things implanted under the skin.

INKEDBlog star[offsite link]
Our mission is to celebrate tattooing as a modern art form which incorporates art, fashion, style, and pop culture.

Ins and Outs of Body Piercing star[offsite link]
This helpful resource includes links to pages that talk about ages/legal restrictions, has videos of piercings as they are being done, and listings for body jewelry.

Japanese Koi Tattoos star[offsite link]
Learn more about and see pictures of Japanese Koi Tattoos

Julia Gnuse, Most Tattooed Lady star[offsite link]
This is the homepage of Julia Gnuse, who is tattooed all over her body as a way of dealing with the disease porphyria.

Large Tattoos star[offsite link]
These tattoos cover quite a bit of skin - and use beautiful colors.

Mark I Chester´s Tattoo Gallery star[offsite link]
Tattoos photographed by Mark I. Chester

Masonic Ink star[offsite link]
Take a peek at all the brothers who have made their commitment to Freemasonry literally a part of themselves. Their beliefs are written on their skin, and their stories are the ink with which they make their mark.

Miyazo Tattoo Gallery star[offsite link]
Gallery of photos of tattoos by Japanese tattooist Miyazo, who works from Osaka.

Moko Museum star[offsite link]
Homepage of the National Tattoo Museum of New Zealand

Nipple Piercing: Is It Compatible with Breastfeeding? star[offsite link]
Is there breastfeeding after nipple piercing? There is no evidence to show nipple piercing has any effect on a woman´s ability to breastfeed but there are a few suggestions to make it easier on you, your nipples and the baby.

Nose Rings and Piercings star[offsite link]
This page includes videos of actual nose piercings and a variety of links for nose piercing jewelry, including nostril screws and acrylic retainers.

Patricia Steur Photo Gallery star[offsite link]
As the wife of tattoo artist Henk Schiffmaker (Amsterdam´s Hanky Panky), photgrapher Steur has had the chance to take picture of some of the world´s premier tattoos. This gallery is all traditional tribal works.

Peter Da Silva Photo star[offsite link]
Da Silva is a master of the tattoo, having photographed body art for several decades now. Black and white work.

ReLaCHE Tattoo Photo Galleries star[offsite link]
Egyptian tattoos, Japanese-style, tribal fusion, and personal imagery.

Religious Tattoos star[offsite link]
This site is devoted to Judeo-Christian body art. History of tattooing in Biblical times, designs, links and more.

Stalking Cat star[offsite link]
Web site of Dennis Avner, aka Stalking Cat. He is in the process of having body art and surgical procedures to transform himself into a tiger.

Star Wars Tattoos star[offsite link]
The ultimate Star Wars tattoo photo gallery. If you have a tattoo showing something or somone from the Star Wars universe, you are invited to submit a photo.

Strike the Box - Firefighter Tattoos star[offsite link]
The internet´s first website devoted entirely to the subject of firefighter tattoos. They have a special WTC memorial design page featuring tattoos from rescue workers around the country.

Tattoo and Piercing Supplies star[offsite link]
Here are many links to many tattoo and body piercing supply companies, as well as some select auctions of tattoo machines and supplies along with body piercing kits.

Tattoo Charlie´s Museum star[offsite link]
Located in Louisville, KY at Tattoo Charlie´s Shively shop.

Tattoo Clothing star[offsite link]
Get hot t-shirt, skirts, shoes, jackets and more all with tattoo designs on them!

Tattooed Women by Louise Chin star[offsite link]
This small color gallery of photos by Louise Chin is stunning. Modern American style work, with tribal and color work primarily showcased. That site also includes other tattoo imagery from live freak shows and art events.

Ted Polhemus - the iMagazine star[offsite link]
Polhemus is an anthropologist, author and photographer has written about body modification for close to two decades now. He was a regular contributor to the UK publication ‘body art’ in the late 80s and early 90s.

Temporary Tattoos star[offsite link]
Information on temporary tattos

The Enigma star[offsite link]
The Enigma is a sideshow performer who is tattooed all over with blue puzzle pieces.

The Illuminated Body: Representation in Medicine and Culture star[offsite link]
from the Medical Museum at the University of Iowa.

The Japan Tattoo Institute star[offsite link]
The Japan Tattoo Institute is the first organization devoted to preserving and encouraging the traditional Japanese art of hand-tattooing known as "tebori".

The Lizardman star[offsite link]
I am an artist / entertainer. I make my living traveling and performing around the world. My show consists of a mix of stand-up, spoken word, and sideshow stunts.

The Tattoo Baby Doll Project star[offsite link]
Collaboration between artist Sherri Wood and various women tattoo artists. Wood finds cloth-bodied baby dolls and has women tattoo artists design body tattoos for them. Wood then further embroiders on top of the rendered doll tattoos.

The Tattoo Business star[offsite link]
Books on how to tattoo, info about apprenticeships, links to tattoo supply companies and much more!

The Virtual Tattoo Art Museum star[offsite link]
Located at the Lyle Tuttle Tattoo Studio in San Francisco, CA.

Thomas Lockhart´s Tattoo Museum star[offsite link]
In his many travels Thomas has acquired a significant number of rare and unusual artifacts from the around the tattoo world. Many of these pieces are on display at his West Coast Tattoo shop in Vancouver.

Tribal Tattooing and Tribal Designs star[offsite link]
Tribal tattoo history, LOTS of pics incl. Borneon, Haida, Samoan and more. Tribal face tattoos. Plus some video of tribal tattoos being tattooed.

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