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June 29 2006 Body Art Newsletter

Greetings, Body Art Fans!

Welcome to the early July edition of the Bellaonline Body Art Newsletter.

I just got another "goodie packet" from Harriet over at She sells nothing but tattoo books (how's the for a dream job?) and recently sent along some books that focus on NY and tattooing in the early 20 century. If you're into old school tattoos, I'll be having some articles that talk about 50s flash and reviews of the new books soon.

The Book of the Month for July is BUSHIDO. This fantastic book by wonderful book by Takahiro Kitamura, a San Jose tattoo artist, not only shows modern Japanese tattooing, but also explores the connections to ancient samurai honor codes and ethics. He interviews and focuses on the work of Horiyoshi III, considered by many to be the greatest living Japanese tattoo artist working presently.


Corsets and Corseting
A corset is a lacing garment which reduces the size of the waist and can resculpt the body profile. It can be worn for fashion or for body modification.

How To Pick A Tattoo Artist
A lot of people want to pick a good tattoo artist, but then wonder how to do that. Here are some suggestions for finding the artist that is right for you.


This novel is a mix of science fiction, mystery and horror, colored with Victorian tattooing. Come follow the tale of Vanessa, the woman who wishes to be visible.


  • Tattoo Artists and Studios - Whenever people ask me for an tattoo artist recommendation, I point them here. I'm working on trying to get studio listings for every state in the US and some for points beyond too.
  • The Tattoos of BLADE - they're making a TV series based off the movie, but the tattoos have been way watered down. Go take a look at what Blade's tattoos won't look like on the small screen.
  • Dragon Tattoos - Another of my tattoo lenses over at Squidoo. This one has dragon tattoo photo galleries, arranged by body part, so you can check out arms, legs, small pieces and full backs if you are considering a dragon tattoo. Also, please rate that lens by clicking on the little stars so I can tell if you guys like this sort of thing.

We've also got an online forum all about Body Art that you can visit. It's a great place for discussing the latest developments in body art and getting an answer to any questions you might have. Recent topics include tattoo removal, sea turtle tattoos and cartoons about body art. Please drop on by and show your colors!

I enjoy your feedback and welcome your questions, so if you have something to tell me, please send an e-mail or drop by the message boards! Feel free to pass this message along to family and friends who you think might be interested.

Body Art Editor

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