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September 13 2011 Cancer Newsletter

Hello! I hope you're having a good week!

So many people are stressed, I thought I would list a few ideas that might help. You can add to the list, and pass along to a frazzled friend!!

1. Remember what you can do something about, and what you can’t.
2. Take deep breaths, if you find yourself panic-stricken, and focus on something positive; your new puppy, new baby or grandchild, someone’s loving smile, a benevolent friend; Realize what you don’t have to live through – fire, flood, earthquakes.
3. Think positive thoughts. Think of a time which has brought you the greatest happiness, and let that be your “happy place”. Go there in a crisis moment.
4. Pray. Meditate.
5. Exercise; walk, jog, (use the “buddy system”-never go alone, it’s better for moral support anyway).
6. Express yourself. If you like art, paint, sew, pick a craft project – make someone a gift that is less fortunate than you. Visit with them for a while, maybe they are lonely.
7. If you like music; play a favorite forgotten song or cd; play your guitar, piano; get together with friends and have a “jam session”! Then go for late-night coffee.
8. Write down things that are worrying you. Then see if you can come up with a solution, or ask a friend if they know one.
9. Finish a project you’ve left un-done. (I’ve got one – and it has nagged me long enough!)
10. Praise yourself for accomplishing even small tasks. Kudos to you!
11. Have a cup of your favorite hot tea to celebrate peace~

Have a blessed and Healthy week! Rann


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Rann Patterson, Cancer Editor

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