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July 22 2011 Clairvoyance Newsletter

~~~~~~Clairvoyantly Speaking~~~~~~

Greetings and welcome to all of our newest subscribers!

If you're subscribing to this newsletter, chances are you're a sensitive or are at least curious about what it is that makes you feel a bit different from the rest of your peers.

As a sensitive, I know only too well how trying it can be at times, questioning even, whether what you feel is real? What you feel IS real, it's merely going through a filtration system of perception. What's important is to get you clear a the beacon that you are.

You may be an artist, poet, writer, university teacher, broker, insurance representative, counselor or something in the middle, such as choosing a mission of preserving, as a curator, forest or park ranger, environmentalist or minister.

No matter what it is you've chosen or sifted into to make ends meet, clarity is essential. It's o.k. to recognize you're tired and recoup! Without that, so much more can likely come tumbling down around us. So, even if it feels like you have to tear yourself away, get in touch with something that moves you, replenish your Spirit, like going for a lunch in a near by park, taking your shoes off and let your toes play in the grass. Go to a wildlife preserve or take an herbalist course to show you what nature can really do. You'll feel the change soon after you do ;)


Tip Of The Day!

Pay attention to your dreams, ASAP. If you always had an affinity for them wonderful! If you've been slacking off reflecting back on them, get to a book store or purchase a notepad that has nothing in it but a dream journal. No groccery lists or to-do's, just dreams.

There's been a lot of "busy" signals out there due to the economy and emotional stresses of changes, that if they can't reach us by day, they'll slip in a few messages by night!

If you wake up and remember something, a scene, words, people or feeling the dream has left you with, log it. You won't be sorry :)


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"The Fortitude of Spirit and Angel Work"

Has your passion for Earth Angel work left you wondering what’s it all for? Do you go back and forth between wanting to sacrifice everything to continue and bailing in a world of societal detachment?

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I hope to hear from you sometime soon, either in the forum or in response to this email message. I thrive on your feedback!

Have fun passing this message along to family and friends, because we all love free knowledge!

Karen Elleise, Clairvoyance Editor

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