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June 1 2006 Cleaning Newsletter

Dear Bellaonline Cleaning Reader,

Hope you are having a wonderful summer! We are having an occurrence of that "liquid mana" from the sky. Yes, R-A-I-N has finally fallen on South Texas. It's been dry and parched here and the dust is interminable. And you know how I feel about dust. Even so, this beautiful, wonderful rain has been terrific to receive.

But, as beautiful as the water is, there is one place water doesn't belong: your wood floors. Do you have wood floors? Are you frustrated by them. I used to be because I had a hard time getting them clean. Once I learned the "secret", though, my floors were the envy of the neighborhood. No kidding.

The first thing I did was make sure the floors were protected with carpets under furniture and I limited pets to tiled areas. This was the first step. The second step was the secret... It was a microfiber mop. Yes, it is the No.1 way to clean wood floors because the texture of the microfiber gets at smudges and stains and wipes them away. I had a high gloss finish on my floors, and after sweeping and microfiber mopping, they looked like glass.

If you have pets, think about buying some booties for their feet. Those little claws can really damage wood floors. It might take an extra few seconds to put them on -- but it will put years of life onto your floors.

Well, here's the latest article from the Cleaning site at

How to Care For and Clean Hard Wood Floors
Cleaning hardwood floors is a tricky proposition. Do you use water or other cleaning solutions? Tips on how to care for and clean hardwood floors properly and carefully and that helps you keep your wood floors looking beautiful for years.

Funny Cleaning Story:
One reader wrote to ask if I would write to his wife about her using the toilet as a "cleaning bucket." Seems she puts cleaner into the toilet and then puts her sponge into the toilet and proceeds to wipe down the entire bathroom with the contents of the toilet water. He was at his wits end, but apparently his wife's mother taught her to do this and she swore she wasn't changing.

Do you have a funny or odd cleaning story to share? If so, send it to me. I'd love to hear about it. Send it to

Enjoy Your June!

Kathryn Weber, Cleaning Editor


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First came your clear the clutter newsletter. Then the clear negative energy newsletter. Then my palms were sweating as I thought about the tasks. Then I bought your calendar. Whew...what an awesome thing that is. So, I started ordering my house and I pressure washed all porches and decks outside. So clean. So wonderful. Did I tell you how much I LOVE your cleaning calendar?

Lis Anna, The Billion Dollar Girl,

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