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September 14 2006 Cleaning Newsletter

Dear Cleaning Reader,

Every day my (formerly) broken wrist gets better and better. And you know what? My house gets cleaner and cleaner! ;-) Recently, my mother called and said her dishwasher looked horrible, dirty, and nasty. She said she’d tried a commercial dishwasher cleaner available on the grocery aisle with the dishwashing detergent and she said it didn’t make a dent in the dirt. What else could she do?

After my dishwasher flooded one time, I called a dishwasher repair man. When he came to the house, he told me the flood was caused from too much detergent. WHUUUUHHHH? That’s right…. all the bubbles leaked out the door and caused water to drip out on the floor he told me.

He said that most people use too much detergent (which I did. Yikes!). He said it was also a big problem if you have a water softener (which I have) because it takes about 75% less soap to get the same clean. To prove his point, he ran my dishwasher without any soap and you know what was in there? Lots of bubbly water. He said residual soap stays behind and then when we add more soap….well, you get the watery picture. But that’s not why I was telling you about this….

While he was talking, he told me that I could clean my dishwasher with Tang orange drink mix – the kind the astronauts drank in space. WHHHUUUHHH? (Yes, I was slack-jawed during his whole visit!) He explained that Tang is almost all citric acid and the citric acid will clean the dishwasher inside. Back to my mother…

Remembering that fateful visit with the repairman, I suggested she use Tang. She said, “WHUUUUHHHH?” (It runs in the family). Yup, I explained, the repairman swears it will do the trick. She tried it and her dishwasher was all sparkly and white. Of course, you may different issues with your dishwasher, and if so, today’s cleaning article should get your dishwasher back on the clean and sparkly road.

Hope all is well and that you are having a nice September. Hard to believe the holidays and New Year is looming just a few short (and remarkably speedy) months away. In the meantime, please share this newsletter with your friends and be sure to share your cleaning stories with me. I love to hear from you.

My calendar for 2007 will be coming out in October. I think you will really like the new additions to it, such as tips and natural cleaning recipes. I’ll keep you posted on the progress.

In the meantime, keep on cleaning!

Kathryn Weber
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Even though your dishwasher cleans your dishes, have you ever really looked at it? Learn how to clean your dishwasher with these tips for removing rust, scale, and buildup.

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