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August 14 2006 Desserts Newsletter

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Sweet Sensations
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Editor: Sandra L. Garth

August 14, 2006
Issue # 1


o Editor's Notes
o How to Host a Dessert Bar
o REVIEW: Killer Brownies®brownies
o In Search Of
o Copyright Info

o Editor's Notes

Hi Dessert Lovers

Welcome Dessert Lovers to the inaugural issue of Sweet Sensations. I hope you enjoy the articles. Please let me know if there is a particular topic you would like to see covered.

o How to Host a Dessert Bar

There is so much emphasis today on living a healthy lifestyle (and rightly so). However, that doesn’t mean that you should shy away from desserts. We’ve all heard the phrase “Everything in moderation” and it couldn’t be truer when it comes to desserts. Have you ever been craving something sweet, but just couldn’t pinpoint exactly what it is that you want? The solution, host a dessert bar. This kind of indulgence begs to be shared so invite a few friends over. Allow your guest’s creative juices to flow by having them assemble mini trifles. Choose from the following list of bases, fillings and toppings.

Bases - pound cake, slice of chocolate and angel food cake, cookies, brownies, ladyfingers.

Fillings - instant pudding, mandarin oranges, crushed pineapple, sliced strawberries, sweetened cream cheese, whipped cream.

Toppings - coconut, chocolate chips, candy, cookie crumbs, chocolate and caramel sauces, sprinkles, nuts.


Another option is to offer small servings of gourmet desserts, either homemade or purchased. How about serving chocolate truffle cake, lemon tartlets, New York style cheesecake, and tiramisu. For all desserts allow 1- 1 ½ servings per person. Be sure and set out plain, unadorned fresh fruit also.

Beverage Selections

As the perfect host/hostess, you should have on hand bottled water, coffee, and tea. Serving wine with dessert is quite trendy but I wasn’t sure about which ones to serve, so I did a little research. Claude Santino, Manager of Kathleen’s Restaurant at Apple Mountain Resort in Freeland Michigan offered these suggestions. Champagne, ice wines, and a sweet red port are the perfect accompaniments. Also a warmed cognac, which serves as a subtle enhancement to most any choice of desserts. He also added that a refreshing sorbet would be an excellent palate cleanser between confections.

The Perfect Setting

Something as decadent as a dessert bar ought to have serving pieces that are just as special. Take a trip to the flea market for one of a kind trays and pedestal servers. Cake decorating supply stores are another gem. They carry cakes stands that serve as handsome vessels for your creations. Years ago, luncheon sets were all the rage. They were clear glass plates, some were oval others rectangle and they had an indentation to hold the cups that came with them. That type of dish will make it easier for guests to handle food and drink at the same time.

Sweet Endings

The perfect favor for the perfect party. Seal the evening with a kiss, a Hershey’s kiss placed on a spoon, wrapped in tulle and tied with a ribbon. The kiss and spoon can be used for coffee or tea the next morning. What better way to wrap up a sweet evening.


o REVIEW: Killer Brownies®brownies

While thumbing through the pages of Modern Baking Magazine I came across an article about Dorothy Lane Market in Dayton, Ohio. The article told of the food market’s second annual Springtime in Paris Pastry Show. How ironic, I was writing an article on How to Host a Dessert Party. Coincidence or serendipity? After reading about the details of their extravaganza and drooling over the pictures, I had to go to their website. By-passing all the other departments I honed in on the bakery and to my delight was met by Killer Brownies®brownies. What is a Killer Brownie®brownies you ask? Imagine layers of chocolate brownie, interspersed with the thick, sweet buttery caramel. That’s not all; it also has pecans, and is dusted on top with powdered sugar. It was sooooo good! My dentist will not be happy with me. That’s the original Killer Brownie®brownies, developed in the mid 80’s. This heavenly concoction is also available in Raspberry, German Chocolate, Blonde Ambition, Peanut Butter, Not-A-Nutter, and Cream Cheese. Each brownie weighs a 1/3 of a pound. As tempted as I was to eat the whole thing a modicum of self- control prevailed. Thank you very much Scott Fox, Bakery Director at Dorothy Lane. Please visit Dorothy Lane Market at for ordering and shipping information.


o In Search Of

I confess to having the largest sweet tooth in the world; but there is one dessert I’ve never tried and that’s Key Lime Pie. If any of you dessert lovers have the perfect Key Lime Pie recipe please pass it on.

Let you life be like Angel Food Cake, sweet and light

o Copyright Information

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