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September 3 2017 Drama Movies Newsletter

"There's a really wretched invention called a zoom lens, which is the most abused, single abused, thing in filmmaking. It's more abused by young filmmakers than anybody. It's just a vile piece of equipment. When you zoom in to something, you are not bringing the audience to the subject. You are bringing the subject to the audience. Major emotional difference. People do not realize that. You zoom back, you are not moving away from that subject. You are pushing the subject away from the audience. It's a tremendous difference." Filmmaker Peter Hyams

Hyams is a writer, director, and cinematographer. While viewing "Outland" for this week's review, I tried to be aware of any use of the zoom lens. There is at least one instance when Hyams uses it, zooming in on Sean Connery's face. He certainly does not abuse the technique, staying true to his theory quoted above.

Hyams has directed a couple of Jean Claude Van Damme movies, as well as Arnold Schwarzenegger in "End of Days". He is not one of Hollywood's top tier directors, but I think "Outland" is his best film. It is certainly more inventive than "The Presidio", in which Hyams also directed Connery.

By coincidence the same week I decided to write about Connery, the actor made one of his rare public appearances. Connery, who is now 87 years old (and retired since 2006), was at the U.S. Open tennis tournament on August 30th. He attended Roger Federer's first round match against Frances Tiafoe. The crowd gave Connery a standing ovation while the tournament organizers played the James Bond theme in his honor. Connery's huge grin was photographed and commented upon by the press. Perhaps Connery has come to terms with the fact that he will forever be associated with the immortal British spy.

Connery's friend and fellow actor Michael Caine shows no signs of retiring. Caine, who turned 84 in March, had a hit this year with the comedy "Going in Style". Caine also has a brief cameo in the WWII drama "Dunkirk", doing an uncredited bit as a radio voice. His next release, also due in 2017, is "Coup d'Etat". The film co-stars Katie Holmes and Seth Green, and is written and directed by Lisa Addario and Joe Syracuse.

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Outland Film Review
"Outland" is a sci-fi thriller that deserves another look. Sean Connery's outstanding performance as an honest cop who uncovers corporate corruption is the main attraction.


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