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January 1 2010 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Happy New Year, everyone!

This is the perfect time to do a data backup! It is VERY easy to back up your data. Many editors have had their systems crash and can attest to how awful it is to lose your data. Backing up important data takes maybe 1/2 hr. Get peace of mind :)

If you have ANY questions about how to back up your system, post in our PC Advice forum. We will walk you through it step by step!



Many editors have Facebook accounts where we support each other, provide advice and a cheering squad. If you're on Facebook, join us! My account is here -


I'll gladly friend you, and then you'll find most of my friends are other editors. Join in with us!

I have somehow made TWO BellaOnline Facebook fan pages :) I think I was a bit confused. So I'll sort that out and whittle it down to one.

Speaking of fan pages, if you have a home business I *highly* recommend making a fan page for it. Here's an example. One of my personal sites is WineIntro, which has my wine musings. I made a fan page for it here -


Creating a fan page is an easy way for people who are on Facebook all day long to see photos of your products, hear about any news you have, and get driven to your website. It is super easy to set up - it is associated with your existing Facebook account. It is free advertising for you.

If you have any questions at all about Facebook - either for you as a person or as a promotional tool for your business - swing by our social networking forum -


We will help you through it step by step!

Again it is VERY easy to do, and it can really boost your clients and sales.

Lisa Shea, owner


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