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January 1 2014 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

Happy New Year, everyone! I know we all have our plans and dreams for what this year will hold. I hope you took a moment to savor what 2013 held for you! That helps give you the strength and motivation to tackle this fresh year ahead of us.

We have a series of threads set up in the forum to guide you, step by step, on laying out your priorities and goals. This then helps you achieve your dreams!

Start here:

This helps you take five minutes to build a calm center. Once you are settled, it then moves you into working on your overall life priorities.

Take just five minutes today to do this. Take that first step. It's only five minutes and it lays the foundation that everything else you do this year.

We are here to help you achieve your goals!


Many editors here have made thousands of dollars with ebook sales. I have done so with my low carb ebooks alone. Part of the goal of the BellaOnline system is to guide you though weekly articles, so you build up that library of content to then market as an ebook. Then you write more articles, create another ebook, and so on. It's a structured support system. The books form a monthly stream of "free" income that builds, like a snowball, month to month. It's money you no longer have to work for - it simply keeps coming in, like magic, while you move on to new projects.

If your ebooks are on non-fiction topics, I highly recommend you consider doing a fresh update for 2014. You can see two of my low carb examples here:

Carb Charts -

Quick No-Cook Low Carb Recipes -

See how they have shiny seals on them promoting that they're fresh for 2014? That catches a reader's eye. I updated the content, the description, and now I can do a marketing blitz to get freshly into readers' minds. I definitely see a big sales uptick when I do this. Also, right now is when readers are out there looking to restart their progress toward their goals. If your book will help them in that quest, they'll buy it.

Post away in our ebook forum if you have questions or need ideas, and we'll help out!


Also, I'll be posting a list of books for giveaways shortly, in the editor forum. I have a pile of books by my desk that publishers have sent me, that I want to pass along to you editors. Keep an eye out for it! I'll try to get to that later tonight.


Lisa Shea, owner


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