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January 1 2020 Editor Assistance Newsletter

I hope everyone had a wonderfully safe and fun New Year's celebration. We are now in 2020! Isn't that amazing? It's an entirely new decade full of hope and opportunity!

Back while our previous servers were having all those challenges, I turned off the code which reported on broken link issues within articles. I figured we were having enough problems just keeping the site going without worrying about broken links on our pages.

Now that we're on the healthy new servers, and things are running smoothly again (hurrah!!) I have turned back on the broken link checker. I'm having it email all the alerts to me directly, so you don't get cluttered with them.

If you notice that one of your articles has been updated, it's probably me fixing a broken link. The code triggers when a visitor visits a page. That way I can tell which pages with broken links get the most traffic and fix those first. It's a way of prioritizing my efforts.

Most of the time these broken links are caused by editors forgetting to put the ending on a link within an article. So I find where that is, add it in, and re-save the article. That way the page works properly again.

Ask with any questions! Day by day the site gets better and better!


Lisa Shea, owner


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