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January 11 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

Now that we're in 2012, I updated the historical report so that the graph now shows the monthly values for 2011 -


Some editors are seeing drops in traffic relating to Google's changes early in 2011. Google has become very attentive to how often a site is updated. They definitely want weekly updates if not more frequently.

We have a free course on Time Management here - along with several others -


If you'd prefer to see the Time Management content in ebook form, so you can carry it on your smartphone, let me know! I'll add that to my project list.

If you would like topic brainstorming help, post in the Editor Forum! We'll gladly think up all sorts of things for you to write about.

If you have other hurdles that are interfering with your weekly writing goals, let me know what they are! I'm glad to help out.

Child Loss Article

I'd like to share a wonderful article written by Christine Phillips, our Child Loss editor. Christine demonstrates brilliantly how to craft an article that is both personal and informative. It's not a "blog" - it's not a diary entry solely about her. It's also not an "encyclopedia article" - it's not dry and factual. It's a perfect merging of the two. Christine makes it clear that she knows what she's talking about. She infuses the content with her point of view. At the same time, she provides practical advice for others who are going through this same situation. They get a sense of what might work for them, and that they are not alone. Her two promotional links at the bottom are perfectly on topic and will undoubtedly be clicked on a lot, as they look like "recommended personal sites" and not ads.

Well done, Christine!


February 2011 Weekly Writing

We're catching up!

Our first February winner is Mona Evans, our Astronomy editor! She joined us in April 2010. I adore astronomy - it's fascinating to learn about the stars, and to realize that mankind has gazed at them for thousands of years. Check out her articles to learn more!

Our second winner is Leena Kothari, who joined us in May 2007 to be our Shareware / Freeware editor! We all love getting things for free, and Leena helps us wade through which software packages are safe and useful to download. Thanks Leena!

Mona and Leena - let me know what email address I should use to send the Amazon gift certificate to!

Lisa Shea, owner


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