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January 19 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

Every year or so I like to do a quick site email test to make sure Katharion and our mail server is properly getting your mail into your hands. The test very simple. I'll send a message out to all editors using their *site* (not personal) email in about 10 minutes. When you get that message, please just respond back with "got it" or "hi" or "be the change" or something :) That way I know it got through. That way I know if there's a jam that is blocking your mail, and can fix that! We have editors get offers to have their books published and content reprinted through their site feeds, so it's important we get those messages to you without fail :)

I have finally fixed the niggling issue with our quizzes where they put in double apostrophes instead of single ones! I also went back through all existing quizzes and fixed them all. If you have any issues at all now with your quizzes, let me know and I'll get right on that. If you've never tried making a quiz before, take a look! They're tons of fun and our visitors love them. It's a great way to help your visitors learn, and to see in the results how well they did!

Speaking of quizzes, when you're doing reviews of books and movies, consider applying the Bechdel Test to them! This simple test just asks three things:

* Are there two named female characters?
* Do they talk to each other?
* If they do, do they talk about something other than men?

You would think this would be an incredible easy test to pass - but I'm watching all the AFI top 100 movies as a project and less than half of these movies pass! Some don't even have two named female characters! Patton didn't even have ONE named female character. So it's a fascinating angle to look at when doing your reviews. Here's more.


For an example of a great set of titles and descriptions, take a look at our Indian Culture site!


Preena's titles are perfect. They are 3-5 words, clearly keywords people would search on, with clear meanings. Her descriptions draw you in to learn more. The articles are informative and provide information that's timeless and can be understood by readers around the world. This is exactly the type of content that Google will index well, meaning visitors can find it to read. Well done, Preena!

Our first May 2011 winner is Judie Bellingham, our Quilting editor. Judie hails from Australia! She's been with us since 2007. Snuggle up with Judie's site and learn how to make warm, comfy quilts!

Our second winner is Diana Geiger, our Exotic Pets editor. Diana has been a BellaOnline editor since 2009. If there's an intriguing pet out there, from ferrets to skunks, Diana is the woman to talk with about giving them the love and care they need!

Congrats to Judie and Diana! Please email me your personal email address that you'd like the Amazon gift certificate to go to, and enjoy!

Lisa Shea, owner


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