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January 25 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

I've removed the "new server" notes from our admin pages since that server move is long since done :) The old server is shut down! So you are all set on the new server, and don't need to worry about seeing that note any more on your page top to confirm it.

While I was in there, I tweaked the main admin logon list so that it only shows active sites. That should make choosing your site name a little easier, so you don't have to move past inactive sites to get to your entry. Did you know if you hit a letter while looking at that list that your cursor will jump to it? So if you're looking for the "low carb" site, hit "L" and you'll be most of the way there!

If you go to the Editor Assistance site, We have a new subject area called "Social Networking". There's an article in there on Facebook to get you started! It talks about how to find our main BellaOnline fan page, how to market your site on that page, and how to network with all of the other BellaOnline editors!

If you're not on our BellaOnline list, and would like to be, please read the article and then make the friend request! I'd love to add you in. If you're already on my friend list and aren't in that BellaOnline specific list, please let me know and I'll add you in!

This is a great way to network with your fellow BellaOnline editors and get support on your goals and dreams!

Using graphics on the web has undergone a fairly substantial change in the past few years! With the growth of mobile phone and handheld tablet use, people who used to adore "pretty graphics" on a page now dislike them, because those graphics now serve as reading hurdles in the small screen format. Pages used to do well when they had "decorations" on them. Now those same pages are found to be annoying! So it's well worth it to study about this change and to adjust your pages to be as useful as possible, to gain you more readers and traffic.

A great place to start is our graphics course, which has been freshly updated to include all these new concepts! You can find the graphics course in your Members area. Go to any page on BellaOnline, click on "Members" on the right, and log in with your BellaOnline email address. So I would log in with lowcarb@bellaonline.com. In the top center of the members area is the link to all your courses! It's well worth taking or retaking that graphic course to get a fresh look at how graphics are used on the web in 2011, for both your BellaOnline site and any other sites you might work with.

While you're looking into graphics, I highly recommend you read this article about eye tracking. It shows how visitors move their eyes through websites, and what they tend to look at. Definitely make sure you read down to the section about the baseball player photo, and what men's eyes tended to look at :) :)


Have a great day!

Lisa Shea, owner


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