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January 27 2014 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

There's an interesting discussion in our editor forum about updating old articles. I absolutely revise the old articles. Every page on the web is a potential “entry point” for a brand new visitor where they will make their first impression of me. If I drive them away with that page, they might never return again.

What I aim to do is monetize batches of my webpages into ebooks. I then aim to scan / update each ebook once a year. That then gives me the opportunity to update the matching web pages.


At the end of 2013 I had four low carb books live on “all main systems” (Kindle iTunes etc) and another three on BellaOnline only. This meant a substantial amount of my high-interest content wasn’t being fully monetized. Over the past month I’ve made a concerted effort to compile more ebooks based on my content. I now have nine books live in the various systems. I still have the three that are BellaOnline only which will take a bit of revision work and then I’ll get those live on the other systems as well. So that will be twelve books total in my “Low Carb Reference” suite.

As I revised each one for 2014 I read through the book. If I saw a change was necessary I first edited the article itself on the website, then pasted the matching copy into the book in its spot. That way both were fully up to date. Sometimes I revised based on new scientific knowledge. Sometimes I tweaked the writing style. The aim is to improve it without changing the underlying message too much. Google loves updates. Google dislikes entire pages changing from Topic A into Topic B, because it means all their links are now invalid.

Yesterday and today I am reloading all nine of the “done set” so they all now link to all twelve books in the ending credits area. I’m in essence making the books all more “cross promotional”. That way someone buying one is actively encouraged to buy the rest. Also, the ending area now actively pushes my Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and BellaOnline forum areas. Again, I want my readers to come join those communities. I also promote my other books.

Think about this for each set of webpages you write. Start by making those webpages as great as possible. These pages are your key marketing draw. Then compile a set into a focused ebook topic. Link to that ebook at the bottom of every of the pages, to encourage people to get the ebook. Aim to do a pass-through of that ebook yearly to look for any updates that can be made and to allow you to do a new promotional push for it. Build a series so someone who buys one can now buy your other books.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Lisa Shea, owner


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