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January 3 2013 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

Keep those goals and dreams coming in! It's inspiring to read about all the fascinating projects our editors are working on. Together we'll help you achieve your dreams, promote your projects, and realize success!

The top request in all the messages I've received so far is for help on writing more frequently. Back when we began, websites weren't updated very often. Even news sites would update just once a twice a day. Now people expect for information to be fresh at least daily. Google has millions of options to choose from and they give top results to daily websites. No matter what the topic is - cats, dogs, parakeets - there are a multitude of options for Google and visitors to choose from that provide frequent updates. Linking to a site that updates weekly is far down the list - and once a site goes less than weekly updates, Google considers it a nearly abandoned site.

So the quest is to find a way to provide the updates that your visitors and Google expect, while also maintaining your other activities as well. It can be done! Countless bloggers and web writers have proven that. The key is to learn the tricks to optimizing your time, creating content efficiently, segmenting content, writing ahead, and getting "in the zone" when writing.

Let's have a chat next Thursday, Jan 10th at 9pm EST to cover this step by step. This is a quest you should take on for all websites you write for. Our modern world of smartphones has changed how people perceive information. To thrive we need to be aware of those changes and work with them. Frequent updates, and avoiding any gaps in publication, are both key to staying in Google's systems and in user's minds.

I look forward to talking with you all then! We'll log the chat so those who can't make it can read it afterwards, and then we can continue the conversation from there in the forums.

Have a great day!

Lisa Shea, owner


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