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January 31 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

I hope your fresh, shiny-new week is going smoothly! Bob and I had some excitement last night - apparently the 3' of snow around our home in Massachusetts and similar pile on our roof has created an "ice dam". This is when the edges of the roof gets a wall of ice at the gutters, and as the snow behind it melts, it turns into sort of a "swimming pool" on your roof :) That water then dribbles its way down through nail holes and other cracks to create drips in your walls. So at midnight we were driving out to get ice melt, filling old nylons with it, and lobbing them up onto the roof. The aim is to make paths through the ice dam so the water can get out! We'll see if it worked :)


Today is the last day for voting on the weekends for both the San Diego gathering and the London Gathering, both being held this coming summer! Please come by the Editor Forum and make sure your votes are cast - the polls will auto-end at midnight EST!


In the same Editor Forum is a thread where I'm giving away a ton of free books! If any book on the list is even *remotely* associated with your site, I will gladly send it to you to read and review. Please help my house get clean! Look through the list and see what interests you! Be sure to *email* me about the books you want - to be fair I am reading every email entry strictly in date order so that whoever emails me first gets those books. By having it all in email it is all organized properly!


Did you know that Jeanne, our African Culture editor, has almost **30,000** followers on Twitter? Every day, 30,000 people hear about her latest information and forward that along to their friends! You, too, can build a marketing bonanza like Jeanne has. Here's the social networking area of our Editor Assistance site, which will help you learn more about using Twitter, Facebook, and more to promote all your web projects! It even has a link to Jeanne's feed so you can see how she's done it :)


Post in the forums if you have any questions, and have a wonderful, ice-dam-free day!! :)

Lisa Shea, owner


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