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January 4 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

I've just created a short-version URL to get to your articles for use in Twitter and other character-limited situations!

Every article has a unique ID. You can see that ID in its URL. For example, for the article at:


The ID number is 70175.

To get to this article with the shortest possible URL, use the format:


That URL has only 30 characters, including the initial http:// part. It can be even shorter if you're using a service that doesn't need that initial starting http:// text. In that case it can just be


I've written an Editor Assistance site article that summarizes all these shortcuts in one easy to find place:


Be sure to refer to that whenever you need a short URL!


As we start the new year, many people have resolutions to build a support network for their goals and dreams. Facebook is a great place to do that! By connecting with other editors you can see what they're working on and get help with your own projects.

I realize many people use Facebook in a variety of ways, so I want to absolutely say it is UP TO YOU if you want to join us in Facebook! I know some people want to keep their Facebook world for family only. That's fine! However if you DO want to have us help you with goals and projects and provide ideas and encouragement, we are here to help you out :)

My Facebook page is here -


Friend me and that will show you my list of friends. You *should* be able to see a brand new list I created called BellaOnline Editors that has all of my friends who are editors on it. If you can't see that please let me know! I did it by hand so if you're not on that list let me know and I'll add you to it. Go through the list and consider becoming friends with any editor you find inspiring! Together we can mentor each other, encourage each other, and reach our goals!


Now that many of you have your priorities all set, it's time to think about goals that work you towards those priorities! It's best to start with long term goals because then you can make short term goals that move you in that direction.

We have a thread on setting up your long term goals here -


Join in, let us know what your goals are, and we'll help you out with them!


Final call - if you have a vote you'd like to cast on which months we will hold our San Diego CA and London UK gatherings in 2011, please get those in to me this week! That way we can move forward with our planning of these fun events.

Have a great week!

Lisa Shea, owner


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