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January 5 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations :)

OK I know I just emailed you :) I wanted to update on the mysterious Facebook "company page" for BellaOnline that we'd found -


It turns out that this thing is a "community page" that Facebook auto-created when several of us said we worked for "BellaOnline". You can see that it says it's a community page at the very bottom. For some reason on the new profile pages, when you say you work for Company X, it doesn't connect that name to the actual homepage or even FaceBook page for that company. FaceBook instead creates a Community Page for that entity and points everyone there.

So it turns out NOBODY made this strange page. It sort of auto-created when we all said we worked for BellaOnline. Nobody owns it. It just floats in the ether and apparently shows any posts in it that involve the name BellaOnline.

There are all sorts of comments / complaints about this behavior in the Facebook help forums. Facebook seems to be in the middle of changing how it works. Who knows how it'll work (or not work) in the coming weeks :)

I wanted to send out that update. If you told your FaceBook page that you work for BellaOnline, it's going to point here. That's OK. It's outside of our control. I'll try to get it to point to our actual page going forward, when / if they re-allow that sort of activity. For now, this is just the way things are at Facebook, and we'll be OK :)

Thanks everyone for your help with this!

Lisa Shea, owner


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