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January 7 2014 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

I've now uploaded the latest version of my Low Carb First 2 Weeks ebook for your enjoyment and use. It’s now 247 pages and has more recipes in it. I am rebranding these books to make it clear they’re part of a series. This includes a more clearly common cover and links at the back of each book linking to all my other books on my low carb site. Note that I do *not* link to the other books at Amazon (or another vendor). This would cause issues for me when I then put the book into various storefronts. I.e. if I put a book into iTunes which is full of links to Amazon (their competitor) they get grumpy. You want your “my other books” links to be to a neutral site that you, yourself, run.

So for each of these books I load them onto: BellaOnline (epub and PDF), Kindle (Mobi), Lulu print (PDF), Lulu ebook (EPUB) to distribute to iTunes and Nook, Kobo (EPUB), and SmashWords (DOC) to distribute to all others systems. In SmashWords I “uncheck” distribution to Nook, iTunes, Kindle, and Kobo since I do those myself manually to get the higher income directly.

Since these end up rolling out at different rates, it means I now get to publicize each time one goes live on a system which gives me a solid week of promotion for each book.

These were the four low carb books I’d always put out. With the popularity of the “focused cook method” books on no-cook and microwave, I’m now going to make two more books, one on stove top and one on oven cooking recipes. With each being 99 cents people seem to gobble them up and that will ensure that all of my recipes are out for sale in one of the four recipe-oriented books. I’m hoping to have those done in the next few days. Really it’s just a matter of copying and pasting recipes from my website into the book template I already have.

If you want any help doing this with your own content, I’m happy to help! It’s quick, easy, and builds a recurring income stream. This is part of why it’s good to write a series of articles on a weekly (or more-than-weekly) basis. It builds up that library of content for you to then compile and sell. Everything you do here on BellaOnline then becomes long term, "easy" income.

In other news, here’s a good article to read on Facebook and their changes to how they promote posts:


Facebook has been tweaking their timeline algorithm since the beginning and it’s an algorithm that probably changes daily. People complain about it daily too :). People often want to see every post from the people they follow and Facebook keeps tweaking its filters about what shows at a given moment. In part Facebook wants to not deluge people too much because they figure that’ll burn people out. If a fan page is posting every two minutes in an order to spam people, Facebook doesn’t want to reward that. Facebook also wants to incite fan pages to pay to boost. Those boosts give Facebook an *immense* income. If fan pages could simply reach everyone organically, those fan pages would have little incentive to boost their chances.

George Takai is probably the master of Facebook and his theory is to post things people like to share. Cute things. Lots of them are quiz related. People love to share cute quizzes to see if others “get the joke”. The more that people share them, the more they go viral and spread around, and then the more people follow the trail back to the source. Infographics are also popular - little graphics that show a useful tidbit of information. Inspirational quotes get shared, too.

In general, it's important to post daily. With Facebook's changes, an even smaller portion of your fans will see a given post. So even if you post Mon-Tue-Wed-Thu-Fri, it might be that some fans only see Monday's post and others only see Thursday's post. By posting regularly you're more likely to reach everybody at least some of the time.

Right now, the key is to make TEXT posts (without images) and then to instantly have a HUMAN (not a fan page) like and comment on it. That then marks the post as good quality to then show in more fans' timelines. So if the post is on your own fan page, try this. Make a text post as your page. Then switch to you as a human and like and comment on that post as you. That should give the post enough of a boost to then be seen by others. You can also pair up with other editors to help each other with this kind of like / comment behavior.

The more we help each other, the more we all thrive!

Let me know if you have any questions!



Lisa Shea, owner


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