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October 13 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

I just added a new free ebook to our library. It offers helpful tips on falling asleep. This adds in to our free ebooks on reducing stress and reaching your goals. Let me know if there are any other topics you'd like us to cover, to help you thrive as we head into the busy season!



People really do judge an ebook by its cover. You will greatly increase sales of your ebook if you create an effective cover for it!

Remember that people are looking at this ebook at a tiny size. The most critical thing they need to see is the title of it. That way they know what the ebook is about. While having lots of tiny text might work for books in physical bookstores, on the internet that tiny text becomes unreadable. Aim for just two, large statements on your ebook cover. The title on top, and your name in smaller print on the bottom. Those are the two critical things that the user should be able to read.

It's always nice to include a photo as well - but don't let the photo make the title become unreadable. If you have a photo that's so colorful that the title is lost, then the design needs to be tweaked. Maybe add a border around your photo and put the title in the border area. It's important that the user can see that title. It lures them into clicking.

When you add a photo, make sure it means something at a tiny size! If your photo turns into a tiny blur, then it distracts from your book rather than adding to it. The photo should be crystal clear at a small size and give a sense of what the book is about.

People click because they're interested. They won't click because they're frustrated by the fuzzy print. It is very worth it to make an optimized version of your title at exactly the 150 x 200 size that will be shown. That way you guarantee that your image is as crystal clear as possible.

Here are some samples of ideal covers, to get you started!





For help with your ebook cover, visit our thread on Ebook Cover Feedback - we're happy to help!


Lisa Shea, owner


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