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October 15 2011 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

As we prepare for the upcoming holidays, one of the important reasons people buy a book is that they see positive ratings on it. If a book has no ratings at all, people are far less likely to buy.

Many of our editors have books on Amazon and Lulu and have no stars on them / no reviews or ratings. We want to help these editors get set up to have lots of sales for the holidays!

Please visit our writing support group -


Read which editors need help with reviews, and lend a hand! If you have books listed on the web, please post your links here so we can help you out. Together we can help each other reach our goals!

PORTING TO LULU (and CreateSpace etc)
If you have an ebook over 34 pages long it is REALLY easy to - for free - turn that into a printed book that people can buy. There are still many people out there who prefer a physical book. The instructions are in the above mentioned writing support forum. Post there if you have any questions and we'll help you get your physical book ready for sale! Now is an ideal time to do that, so it's in the system and ready for holiday buyers.

It's very easy. It should take maybe 15 minutes total to get your print book online. Set aside an hour and have some fun with the process!

When you're designing your covers, it's a good idea to keep an eye on creating a consistent look and feel for your series. That way readers build a relationship with you and your book offerings and know they go together. The ebook forum also has a thread about how to maintain a similar theme for your series. Post with questions and we'll help you out!

Don't forget to post your covers in the "Share your Ebook Cover" thread, for us to offer ideas for! Now is the perfect time to give your books and ebooks a polishing so they sell the most copies possible during the upcoming holiday season. Remember, the keys are: sharp meaningful image at thumbnail size, clear words for title, clear words for your author name.

This season looks like we will see an exponential blossoming of the number of people who get Kindles, iPads, smart phones, and other similar items as holiday presents. So it's a great idea to get all your ebooks shined up and beautiful now, so that in December when literally millions of people get new toys to play with, your ebooks are sitting there waiting for them to download and use!

Post in that writing support group forum area -


with any and all questions. We will help you succeed!

Lisa Shea, owner


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