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October 4 2010 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations!

From about 12 midnight (EST) to 2am (EST) Sunday night / Monday morning the entire Netriplex facility had a huge set of fiber optic problems. It took down all three of our servers and everyone else in their system including the Netriplex websites too. I called them a minute after the servers went down - they already knew about it (as one would hope!) and were on it already. They were able to resolve the issue fairly quickly.

I put out a Twitter and Facebook post on the situation about 1am, once I saw it wasn't going to come right back up again.

We are very fortunate that this is the first outage we've had in a long time! I did like the idea that I could send Twitter and Facebook posts out and keep editors in the loop. So I definitely will keep that in mind going forward. Those are here:



Also, the direct way to get to me in emergencies is to use my home address:


Please tuck that away for emergency use only. Regular mail should go to my LShea@BellaOnline.com address.

Things are all stable again, and luckily this outage happened during our most quiet day and time of the week! So if the fiber was going to fail, now was the time :)

Have a great Monday!

Lisa Shea, owner


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