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November 1 2014 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

The BellaOnline forums are now live on the new server! I've instructed Network Solutions to point forums.bellaonline.com to this new server. Those changes are now rolling out around the world. When the changes hit your home PC, you'll see the forums up and live in their new location.

I haven't done any optimizing of any of these systems on the new server, so they aren't running at their fastest yet. I'm just getting them all moved for now, so we can get off those old failing servers as quickly as possible. Once everything is safely onto the new servers, I'll then tackle the optimizing part of things.

Please let me know if you spot any issues with the forums.

The last remaining piece of this migration will be our mail system. I'll tackle that tomorrow night. I'll do the same process as the previous moves. I'll shut down the existing mail server. I'll back up everything and move it onto the new server. I'll unzip everything on the new server and put it live. Then I'll point the URLs at the new server so that mail knows to go there.

We use "Katharion" as a pre-filter to block incoming spam for us. It currently filters out somewhere around 90% of all incoming mail as spam and only sends us the rest. That's pretty phenomenal, that we are deluged with so much spam. And we still get some sneaky spammers that get through! In any case, because we have that pre-filter, it means we won't lose any mail. If someone sends something to us while the mail server is being moved, Katharion will hang onto it. They'll keep trying to resend. When our mail server comes up in its new location, Katharion will see it and send along the mail it had gathered up.

So the main hiccup here will be that you won't get mail for a few hours in the middle, while the process is going on.

I'll send you all an email tomorrow evening as that process begins. If you need to contact me while our mail is down, please use my personal LShea@charter.net email address. That always gets directly to me.

One step at a time!


Lisa Shea, owner


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