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November 14 2009 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings, editors!

Occasionally, anti-spam filters can get zealous and block random messages. They rarely block "all messages from person X" - instead, they block occasional messages based on the words in that message. Since the messages are blocked, you don't realize you missed something unless the sender happens to mention the previous message later on.

I've realized recently that some editors aren't getting random mailings of mine, and they don't realize it unless I happen to say in a later message something like "as I mentioned in my previous message ..." An editor might think they've gotten all my mail quite fine, and really they missed a critical message.

Since there's no way you could randomly guess if you get all my mailings or not, I'm going to help out! I'm going to start numbering my mailings - you can see the [1] in the subject line here. That way if you store them all in a folder, you can easily scan the subject lines and see if one is missing. I hope this will help out, to ensure everyone knows they're getting all my messages!


Massachusetts is enacting some fairly heavy duty privacy laws, which I agree with completely. I probably count as overkill in the world of caring about privacy :) I wanted to make clear that I value all of your privacy incredibly, as well as that of our visitors.

Nobody ever can see the names of subscribers on our lists, not even the editor who mails to that list. We keep those names completely private. The only way you'll ever see an email address is if it bounces back undeliverable, which we can't really help :)

In terms of your information, the sole person who ever sees your address and email address is me. Nobody else *ever* sees that. I only use that address to personally mail out little presents and such. I never give that information to any other person. If anyone ever writes me asking to contact you, I tell them to use your online contact form. I don't even tell them your BellaOnline email address.


Thank you all so much for helping me test out the private message / PM section of the forums! I'm working my way through all of your test messages and should finish up with that shortly! If you haven't sent me your test PM yet, you're a bit late, so please try to do that in the next day or two while I wrap up that testing process! That way I can confirm the forums are completely set and move on :)

Thanks, and have a great weekend!

Lisa Shea


All BellaOnline editor communications are confidential to BellaOnline editors only.

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