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November 19 2012 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

One of the topics of our gathering talks was on priorities and time management. I'll send two separate email messages, so that each one doesn't get too long!

Setting priorities definitely comes before any time management work. If you work hard to make your schedule fit - but it turns out the items you are assembling are low priority items - then you're not making much progress :). It's key to work on and know your priorities as a first step.

We have a series of step by step threads in the forum to help with discovering and honing your priorities. I definitely recommend bookmarking them and revisiting them every 3 months or so, to see where they need tweaking!

Priorities and goals are all about setting a direction for yourself. It's OK and normal if they change over time! Maybe at age 20 your goal was to visit all 50 states. Maybe at 40 your goal is to have a rosemary plant that survives the winter in your kitchen. Our goals change and morph and grow, and that's great.

It's not necessarily about hitting all those five year goals. It's about those long term goals providing a direction for you in your daily life.

So start by finding a calm center -

Next, brainstorm about overall priorities -http://forums.bellaonline.com/ubbthreads.php/topics/428868/1

Having those priorities written down can make a HUGE difference in your daily life. When I realize that one of my priorities is "be serene" it helps me make time for doing some yoga each day. I stop thinking of it as an "indulgence" and start thinking of it as an important part of my daily life.

What are your priorities? Come read our posts in the forum, share your own thoughts, and help yourself settle in before the holidays begin in earnest!

We're here to help! :)


If you want to participate in our Secret Santa make sure you get your address to me by Thursday November 22nd! That way I can distribute the information right after Thanksgiving, and participants will have time to make or buy their gifts. It's lots of fun! Full details and ideas are here -


Enjoy :).

Lisa Shea, owner


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