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November 29 2013 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

Here’s an interesting look into Facebook promotions, building fans, and encouraging interactivity on Facebook which then leads to more traffic and sales. This can work for all Facebook fan pages you run.

At this very moment (if you’re awake) I’m doing a fun Bones TV show related quiz on my Ophelia Sikes facebook page. This was sort of a lark. Every day I post a photo and do a “guess this photo” – in this case I did Seely Booth from Bones. Usually people guess and that’s it. It’s short and sweet.

The thread is here –


If that wraps poorly in your browser, just go to


It'll be one of the top threads depending on when you look.

So this time I decided to use this as a traffic builder. I did a $15 boost promotion on the thread, and targeted it at Bones fans. So far so good, I figured they’d like the photo.

Then, when the first answer came in, I asked another question. And another. Soon I had a bunch of people competing to see who could answer the question the quickest.

Now, the way the Facebook timeline works, posts with lots of comments get higher visibility. So a post with no comments might only be shown to a few people – but a post with lots of comments gets shown to far more people. Facebook “filters” the timeline to “interesting” posts.

So by having this traffic on this image, not only did all these newcomers see my page, but far more of my “regulars” were seeing the post too.

Within 2 hours I had reached 996 people – usually I’d only reach maybe 15 or so. 900 of those were paid (about $8) and the remaining 96 were all fans. So even far more fans saw this post.

This also means, out of the 1,016 fans I have attached to my page, that 96 of them were online and paying attention during those two hours. That’s pretty phenomenal that between 11pm and 1am EST there were 96 of my fans online.

The fact that this thread has such high comment value means that even when fans log on later tomorrow they’ll probably see this thread in their stream, because it’s a “popular thread”.

I’m getting more fans out of this, and I gave the two top posters free copies of my first book. Hopefully they’ll like it and then buy the other ones. Also, all the other people who are playing now know about me and will hopefully buy my books.

I highly recommend trying something like this!

Lisa Shea, owner


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