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November 6 2013 Editor Assistance Newsletter

Greetings and Salutations -

First, our Mused deadline is TOMORROW Thursday November 7th. If you have photos, poems, stories, or other items to submit, please get them in quickly! Please share the news with family and friends. We'd love to help support as many artists as possible.

The info, in an easy to share format, is here -


Next, on Facebook and Fan Page Posting.

On Facebook, it’s important to know how to like and comment “as a Fan Page” rather than as a private person.

For my example fan page, I'll use Mused Literary Review :). Substitute in the name of your actual fan page. If you don't have a fan page yet, contact me, because you really should have one :). It's five minutes to set up and it can help your marketing efforts substantially. Even if your project isn't live yet, now is the time to get that rolling. You'll want one for each main project you work on.

So, on to the task.

If your fan page was named Mused Literary Review, first you would go to your Mused Literary Review fan page.

Click on the gear in the top right corner.

There will be a “Use Facebook as” button.

Choose your Mused Literary Review fan page.

Now the stuff you do on Facebook (including posting on other fan pages) will show the post being from your Mused Literary Review page.

Acting as a "fan page" is great when you make posts on other fan pages. For example, you could make a post on the Worcester Art Museum page commenting on an exhibit there. Your post will show up as being from Mused Literary Review (rather than from Lisa Shea the person) and will drive traffic to your fan page.

It’s good practice to go every day or so to a site related to yours and make a friendly post. Not a spammy “come see my page” post, but an insightful comment on something in there that you care about. Be a good community member. And people will then follow your link back to learn more about you.

So post on your fellow writers' pages for example as Mused Literary Review and that way all their fans will come to learn more about you and hopefully read you too. If you just post as Lisa Shea they can’t easily find your fan page based on that.

Once you are acting as Mused Literary Review, go to my low carb page for example –


Now when you click the “like” button it is Mused Literary Review “liking” my low carb page - which is separate from you as a person liking it. You see how on my fan page on the lower right there’s a list of my fan page’s “likes”? Including hopefully all editors' fan pages? ☺ That is what you will now have on your Mused Literary Review page – a list of pages you are associated with.

Do the same for all your fellow editors.

When you’re done, go back to that gear symbol and reset yourself to using Facebook as you as a person.

We should all have our fan pages connect to each other, to cross promote each other, where appropriate. That way we help boost each other's presence on the web. For example, my Low Carb page links to the other editors' pages, so my low carb community can easily find out about getting high quality help on other topic areas.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Lisa Shea, owner


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